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What Happens A Year After You Have Been Cheated On

What Happens A Year After You Have Been Cheated On

If you've been cheated on you know it's difficult to move on. The pain caused by a cheater is indescribable. Don't let a cheater ruin your happiness.

I recently received a text message from a high school best friend who confessed she had just been cheated on. All of a sudden, feelings of anger and resentment came up for me since it’s only been a year since I was cheated on. I wanted to share with all of my readers what happens one year after you’ve been cheated on. Life will keep going even after you have experienced one of the worst heartaches you can experience in life; infidelity.


Honestly, I never thought my three year high school relationship would end. I thought my life was planned out and I would graduate in four years, get engaged to my high school sweetheart then get my masters. Dating my high school boyfriend after high school wasn’t even a consideration, I just couldn’t get out. I was always told high school relationships don’t work out, especially if you go to different colleges.


I’m going to be honest with you; high school relationships do not work out. You should let go of high school once in college. You need to grow and be your own person. Learn to be single while in college.


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Here are some of the bullet points of what will happen after you’ve been cheated on:

You will still be angry with yourself, the mistress and him.snooki-gif

The pain won’t be forgotten.giphy1

You will get into new relationships and find it hard to trust your significant other. 635620710473476746-758442807_tumblr_n930qcXhar1s070kpo1_500

Blaming yourself for what you could’ve done differently will still cross your mind. giphyyy

You will be glad to realize you didn’t deserve that pain or those painful memories. giphy

It won’t make sense how someone you called a friend (the girl), or how someone you loved, could have caused you this much pain and have been okay with it. giphy (3)_22

You will be afraid to get into new relationships in case you have to feel those same feelings of heartbreak again.zac-efron-gif

You will get up stronger and learn you are much better than the both of them and they just couldn’t handle a strong female. attitude

It’s still hard to understand how a female could do that to another female; girls are supposed to look out for each

You’ll be excited to live  the new single life and to find out what makes yourself happy as an individual rather than being tied down to a cheater.carrie-underwood-gif

You’ll eventually move on and things will get 10 times better, I promise.

You will learn to love and trust again. The pain won’t be forgotten but you’ll realize you’re stronger because of it. Everything happens for a reason and you will find a better man who will appreciate you. You just have to go through some frogs before you finding your prince charming.yang

If you’ve been cheated on, it’s not your fault! Don’t let someone else’s stupidity prevent your happiness! <3
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