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Afro Hairstyles That You’ll Want To Rock

Afro hairstyles are a girls’ best friend for every season of the year. Summertime is especially important to show off the afro hairstyles you have been waiting to flaunt to the world. I’ll give you a little insight into some of the best afro hairstyles you’ll want to rock this summer. Read on!

1. Afro-Hawk

The afro-hawk is definitely one of the most well-known afro hairstyles for the afro community. It is essentially the crescendo of afro hairstyles for styling purposes. There are many ways for you to style this updo. You could put so decorative braids on the sides, a favorite of mine, then stick some bobby pins to give the afro-hawk a snug appearance.

Another way to do it, in less than five minutes, is to just use some bobby pins to pin it up. This makes the afro-hawk very adjustable into any of the other afro hairstyles. This is one of the many afro hairstyles that are very versatile. Wear it on a night out with your friends, into the workplace, or just to get your hair off of your neck. Pair it with a set of earrings and you are set!

2. Afro Puff

As far as afro hairstyles go, this is the most utilized of the bunch. Call it the melody if you will. It carries the beat and everyone is awaiting the next time they get to experience such an amazing afro phenomenon. It is not very flamboyant, but it is very satisfying to the eyes. It brings the song together, full-circle. I know you’re all wondering, how do you do this afro hairstyle?

It is simple enough and you only need one thing. A hair tie, shoestring, or a scarf. I personally prefer the scarf. You’re going to put the scarf at the back of your head, where your edges begin. Next, you want to tie the scarf and tighten until they are comfortable on your edges. You’re now going to push the sides up while keeping the scarf nice and snug.

Once you have your afro where you like it, you’re going to finish it off. Now in the music industry, also known as my high school band room, we call this a solo. Something special that shows off your creativity. You could do a bow tie, a knot, or simply wrap it around and tuck it into the scarf. These afro hairstyles will have you ready for any occasion in less than five minutes.

3. Side-part

A step above the classic afro is one of the best afro hairstyles to showcase your good side! You don’t necessarily need a bobby pin, but it does help to keep the hair in place if your hair has a life of its own. This is one of the more carefree afro hairstyles as you can alter it however you see put. You will simply part the hair, laying it so as to not let either side interfere with one another.

This is similar to the balance in the band. No instrument is supposed to overpower another, it cannot appear to be acting alone. Instead, they are separate parts, but acting together so everything blends in and is well put together. All afro hairstyles are not meant for all venues. This afro styles would be optimal for a night out with friends but could most definitely be worn in a professional setting. I would take it a step further for a black-tie event though.

4. Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots is a great protective style for your hair. This afro hairstyle can be used for treating your scalp for a couple of weeks, as it provides easy access to the scalp. Spritz some oil on your scalp for a healthy hair growth period. Like many of the protective afro hairstyles, the Bantu Knots are great for protecting your hair on the excruciatingly hot summer days we are heading towards these next couple of months.

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The sun will suck all of the moisture out of your hair quicker than you can say “Beetle Juice” ten times! You can do Bantu Knots with twists or braids. You just part a section of your hair, twist or braid it up, then wrap it around itself to form a knot. You will tuck the end of the twist or braid at the bottom and done. This is one of the afro hairstyles that catches a lot of eyes in any setting. It is totally the fermata of afro hairstyles!

5. Knotted Headscarf

One day you wake up and you are just not feelin’ it that day. You are a busy woman and can’t miss a day of work. Don’t worry, it happens. Time to improvise now! Grab a scarf, any scarf and unfold it. It is best to braid your hair first, but who cares on a day like this? Lay the scarf on the back of your edges then cross and loop the scarf in the front. Now, this is where your solo comes in again.

You could wrap it endlessly around your head, tie it into something very special or knot it, similar to the picture below. I would leave some air out for a bang as it brings more appeal to the hairstyle. Maybe you’re not having a bad hair day, but need to protect your hair from the elements. This is one of the afro hairstyles that you can utilize at any moment.

The sun is brewing up a heatwave and you have Bantu Knots? Try this knotted headscarf to protect your recently oiled scalp. I would wear this to class, to go shopping, or just to wear around the house. Definitely an improvement from the bonnet.

You will definitely want to rock these afro hairstyles to maintain your healthy hair goals and look good doing it. Let’s not leave home with our hair looking a hot mess. I’ve said my bit, now it’s time to share the love. What are some of the afro hairstyles you love?

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