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20 Gifts To Get Your Boyfriend For Valentines Day Under $30

20 Gifts To Get Your Boyfriend For Valentines Day Under $30

Here are some ideas for affordable Valentine's Day gifts for your boyfriend! These gifts for him are super cute and funny and all under $30!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you can’t decide what to get your boyfriend. Getting him something that he will love and actually use is important! These 20 affordable Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend are not only perfect to give him, but are all under $30 no matter if you’re looking for something cute or funny!

1.  A Stainless Steel Yeti Tumblr

Your man will looveeee this gift. They’re honestly the hottest thing on the market right now for guys. There’s nothing like sipping on an ice cold beer and not having to worry about it getting warm, am I right?! This one tops the list of gifts to get your boyfriend for Valentine’s day!


2.  A Brixton Beanie

There’s nothing like a warm and stylish beanie especially in the winter months. Brixton beanies are great quality and an awesome brand that your guy will definitely dig.

3. World’s Best Boyfriend Trophy

Giving your boyfriend a trophy is not only funny, but it is something that shows just how much you love and appreciate him!


4. A Cute Picture Frame

Frame one of your favorite memories together with this super cute frame! This is a simple gift that isn’t over the top and shows just the right amount of love!

5. A Mounted Bottle Opener

The best part about this bottle opener is that it comes with a magnetic cap catcher. Just pop the bottle and forgetttttt about it!


6. Bullet Whiskey Chilling Stones

There’s nothing worse than watered down whiskey..or beer..or whatever drink you’re drinking. And that’s all thanks to ice cubes. Ditch the ice cubes and get him these classy bullet shaped whiskey stones for his drinks.



7.  A Useful Pocket Knife

For the handy type, pocket knives are a really useful and affordable Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend! And this one comes with a bottle opener and a glass breaker if needed!

8. A New Watch

A watch is always a great and super functional option for your boyfriend that he will definitely appreciate. This wooden watch is perfect for the trendsetters or artsy guys who enjoy more unconventional looks.


9.  A Funny Coffee Mug

For most of us, starting the day without a cup of coffee is impossible. A funny mug is a simple yet useful gift that your boyfriend can use everyday!

10. A Herschel Wallet

We all need a new wallet every now and then and these awesome wallets are definitely a useful Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend!

11.  A Man’s Candle

Candles don’t always come to mind when you think of gifts for guys. But every guy needs a man candle in his room. If he doesn’t have one yet, now is the perfect time. No one wants to smell stinky socks when they walk in his room, come on bruh.



12. Some Funny Boxers

Underwear is something that you can never have enough of! A funny pair of boxers is a great Valentine’s Day gift that is sure to make him laugh!


13. A Beard Comb

Beards take a lot of care and maintenance. If your boyfriend has a beard, waxes are the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for him that he will use over and over!

Beard Brush and Comb Set for Men - Friendly Gift Box And Cotton Bag - Best Bamboo Beard Kit for Home and Travel - Great for Dry or Wet Beards - Adds Shine and Softness



14. Some Mustache Wax to go with the Beard Comb

This beard wax is not only an affordable Valentine’s Day gift, but is absolutely necessary for the bearded man in your life!

mustache wax

15.  A Facial Moisturizer For Dudes

This all natural daily moisturizer for guys is suitable for all skin types and will give him that fresh feeling without the heavy look and feel of face creams. Plus, moisturizing early on in life is super important if you don’t want them wrinkles….


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16. A Bracelet For Guys

Spring is coming and new colorful, mirrored sunglasses are a trend to get your boyfriend on!


17. Nice Smelling Cologne 

Whether your boyfriend doesn’t wear cologne or it’s time to retire the old one, cologne is an awesome Valentine’s Day gift to give!


Beckham Cologne, The Essence, 1 Fluid Ounce

18.  A Place To Store All His Tools

If your boyfriend is into construction or likes to do patch-up work around the house, this tool box will help to keep all of his tools organized and in one place!

19.  A New Flask

Who doesn’t love a new pair of shoes? These Polo sneakers are a stylish and affordable Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend!


20. A Personalized Teddy Bear

Valentine’s Day is about being as cheesy as possible and showing just how much you love the people in your life! This customizeable teddy bear is a cute and fun Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend!





Do you have any more ideas for affordable Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend? Share in the comments below!

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