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10 Affordable Travel Destinations You Have To Visit This Summer

10 Affordable Travel Destinations You Have To Visit This Summer

10 Affordable Travel Destinations You Have To Visit This Summer

Traveling can be quite a challenge when you’re struggling on a college budget, but this doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

Here are the top 10 affordable travel destinations in and out of the United States that you have to visit this summer without doing TOO much damage to your savings!

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta, Georgia is one of my personal favorite picks for affordable travel destinations to go this summer! Whether you are a foodie looking to find some killer southern cuisine, or you are excited to explore through the vast nature scene, Atlanta will not disappoint, having so many affordable choices. One thing that is an ABSOLUTE must is a trip on the SkyView, which isn’t too expensive. This will give you the most amazing views of Atlanta, Georgia in all of its entirety! Plan a trip to Georgia this summer for an amazing, affordable vacation.


Montreal, Canada

Montreal, Canada is an amazing choice when it comes to traveling on a budget due to the vast number of free activities you are able to enjoy once you are there. One major bonus in Montreal is the number of museums with free admission! This being said, there are also countless options when it comes to hiking trails, and the scenery just while strolling through the city streets alone is mind-blowing. Montreal, Canada is definitely a great vacation choice this summer!

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma may not be the first location that comes to mind when you are thinking of a fun vacation, but don’t let that fool you because Tulsa has SO MUCH to offer. From art museums to farmer’s markets, Tulsa has so much character, that you are likely to fall in love on the first day of your stay! Something that I feel is an absolute MUST if you end up traveling to Tulsa is visiting the Woodward Park and Gardens Historic District because it is just too beautiful to miss out on. Regardless of what you decide to do in Tulsa, it is definitely worth your consideration!


Lima, Peru

There are so many things to see in Lima, Peru that it is hard to narrow them down! In terms of affordable activities in the city, I highly recommend wandering around the Main Square of Lima because this will allow you to obtain the most history and character of the city, being that this is the birthplace of Lima. Also, you definitely did NOT go to Peru without experiencing some of the local cuisine. One of Lima’s specialties is ceviche, so if you don’t leave a “ceviche-lover” did you really even go? Bottomline, visit Lima, Peru for the experience of a lifetime.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

My sister visited Chiang Mai, Thailand last year, which is what inspired me to include it on this list of affordable travel destinations this summer. After seeing and hearing about her own experience, I have dreamed about visiting Chiang Mai ever since. There are so many different free activities to engage in, which are definitely worth your while. One particular activity that has to be included in your itinerary is a stroll down San Kamphaeng Road, where you will be able to witness all of the different street vendors and artisans! Chiang Mai, Thailand is definitely one of the hottest destinations this summer, so start planning your trip now!


Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan has so much to life and character, making it a great travel destination. I recommend walking around Downtown Detroit in order to experience the heart and culture of the city. One of the many free activities you can partake in while downtown is the Detroit Jazz Festival. Regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a jazz fan, this will open your eyes to the energy of the city. Detroit is definitely a destination worth visiting this summer!

Cairo, Egypt

Cairo, Egypt is one of the most affordable travel destinations, simply due to the number of free sights to see. If you decide to visit, you can spend your days strolling around Nile Corniche, or picnicking in Al-Azhar park, where you will be able to witness all of the scenery and community of Egypt without having to spend your money. However, make sure to save enough to be able to enjoy the amazing local cuisine because that is something that Cairo is KNOWN for! Once you save up for the cost of a flight, Cairo offers a trip of a lifetime that won’t leave you broke.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is home to so much life and culture that simply be being in the presence of the city, you are able to experience so much! New Orleans is most known for their music, and luckily there are free concerts held nearly every weekend that you can attend! There are also opportunities for free wine tasting and free yoga classes throughout the city as well! This trip may require a bit of planning to make sure to catch as many (free) events as possible, but you will be so glad you did it!

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal is one of those places that is so full of history and character, you absolutely have to visit at some point in your life (so why not make that this summer’s travel destination?)! One sight you ABSOLUTELY cannot miss is Ponte Dom Luís I. Whether you decide to visit the wine cellars, or simply take in the amazing views of the city from the outdoors, Porto, Portugal is such an amazing travel destination.


Cancun, Mexico

The great thing about visiting Cancun, Mexico is that the number one activity to partake in here is laying out at the beach, which just so happens to be completely FREE! One specific beach that I recommend visiting is La Playa Tortugas, where you can enjoy beautiful views and calm water! Whether you want to spend your entire trip relaxing on the sand, or adventuring tourist locations, such as Mercado 28, this is one of the all-time best destinations for an amazing vacation while on a budget!

Hope you found this list of affordable travel destinations helpful as you plan your summer vacation destinations! Let us know in the comments section below if you’re planning on visiting any of these places this summer!! Enjoy!!

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