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Affordable Summer Destinations In North America

Affordable Summer Destinations In North America

Looking to make a getaway? Check out these super affordable - and really fun! - summer destinations in North America for your next vacay!

Summer vacation is almost half way through already. Are you still wondering where to go for a small summer vacation without spending too much money? If you only have a small budget like most of us, have no fear-there are so many fun weekend trips within your budget! Here are some affordable summer destinations in North America where you can enjoy a nice summer vacation without going broke!

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Vancouver is one of the top destinations in Canada. Vancouver is one of the most walkable cities in the world, which makes it fun and easy to travel without a car! You can take convenient public transportation and walk to most of the tourist attractions. You can take a 20 minute walk from downtown Vancouver to Stanley Park, the third largest park in North America, and enjoy the beautiful sunset and view. You should also check out historic Gastown to learn the history of Vancouver.


Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A

While Europeans on summer vacation tend to flock to Coastal big cities such as New York, San Francisco, and Miami, cities in the middle of the country like Chicago provides a relatively good deals for domestic tourists. This third most populous city‘s waterfront allure and nightlife is beloved by locals and tourists alike. Although the city is known as “windy city”, the weather is mild in the summer, making it one of the best summer destinations. Like many of other big cities in the U.S., Chicago hosts many festivals every summer. Come and enjoy a music festival in the sun here!

Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Welcome to the French Province in Canada! This second largest city is a cultural center in Canada. You don’t need to worry if you don’t speak French, everyone generally speaks English. There are many world class shows, so go out on the town and see one! The night life here is incredible: there are over 300 clubs! If you are under 21, no need to worry about your friends leaving you behind or fake IDs because the legal drinking age is 18! Take advantage of it and have fun exploring the city!

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Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.A


Boston is also known as a major college town. Thousands of students come to Boston to pursue higher education here every year.  Many of world-famous universities such as Harvard University and MIT all bring the city a bit more academic atmosphere. Walk along the freedom trail to explore the city on your own while hitting many major landmarks! From the Boston Tea Party to Paul Revere, no other city played as important of a role in the freedom of America than Boston. You can walk along the sailboat-sprinkled Charles River or grab a beer at the Sam Adam’s Brewery.  Come to Boston and prepare to fall in love.

Enjoy the summer and wish you all a wonderful summer vacation!

What are some of your favorite summer destinations in North America? Tell us down below!
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