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Affordable Space Heaters For The Winter Months

If you find yourself feeling a little chilly this season, why not rely on the wonders of technology to keep your dorm, apartment, or other domiciles toasty with a Space Heater. As there are many to choose from but I think these ones will have you covered. 

1. Vornado VH202 Personal Space Heater

 This machine was rated “best budget Space Heater” by Forbes Magazine, and judging by the specs I’d be inclined to agree.  While it only comes with two settings,  its small size, 40-dollar price tag, and 3-year satisfaction guarantee make it a worthwhile investment. The VH202 also comes with a fairly impressive suite of safety features. It will automatically turn itself off if it detects that it is overheating, or if it gets knocked over, ensuring that you or a careless roommate don’t accidentally burn the place down. Space Heaters can occasionally cause power issues due to their high energy consumption but the VH202 also has a system that allows it to toggle between two different operating voltages, preventing overloads or short outs. The only major downsides of this space heater are that it’s not exactly photogenic, and it’s not the most powerful model out there. Great for shared living spaces, dorms without central heating, or if you’re just strapped for cash but still want to keep warm at night.  

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2. De’Longhi Capsule Ceramic Heater

Rated by Forbes as “Best Space Heater for Small Rooms” the De’Longhi Ceramic Capsule Heater is a 1500 Watt powerhouse of a heater with a compact form factor and is only slightly more expensive than the Vornado VH202 at $50 on Amazon. The De’Longhi Capsule heater boasts similar overheat detection and fall detection to the VH202 but boasts more temperature control options, can serve as a fan during the summer for year-round functionality and is much more powerful. It’s also good-looking as cheap-ish space heaters go, is lightweight, and has a carry handle for easy repositioning and moving from room to room. An excellent choice if you need a small space heater that looks good without sacrificing effectiveness at a reasonably low price point. 

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3. Lasko Model 755320 Oscillating Tower Heater

A step up in both size and price, The Model 755320 is a fairly standard tower space heater, featuring a fully adjustable thermostat, remote controls, and standing 23 inches tall, it’s a rather affordable option at $70.00 on Amazon. It comes in a silver color and includes standard safety such as 2-stage overheat protection, automatic shutoff if knocked down, and it comes with a programmable timer. Another plus of this model of space heater is the fact that it has an oscillation feature, letting it evenly distribute hot air over a much larger space. If you need to heat a large room or studio apartment, this is a good option. It also arrives fully assembled and weighs just 1 pound, so no need to fiddle around with screwdrivers or work hard to carry it upstairs. Fairly standard as space heaters go, but also very practical and not a complete eyesore. 

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4. Honeywell 360-Degree Surround Heater

The Honeywell 360 Degree Surround Heater is a Forced-Air space heater with a unique selling point: rather than blowing hot air in a specific direction like most space heaters, this model blows in all directions at once. It has a pleasant form factor, costs an affordable $42 for the manual version and $55 for the digital version, and is quite portable. This space heater also has an extremely comprehensive set of safety features, including its high-grade internal circuitry, two-step overheat protection, 360-degree automatic tip-over switches, and even soldered plug connectors. Honeywell takes space heater safety seriously, and when you combine all those features with 2 heat settings for energy efficiency, a programmable thermostat, 1500w maximum output, and a timer, and you’ve got a very worthwhile purchase. Small wonder that Forbes called it the “Best Electric Space Heater.” A very solid pick if you need a portable and affordable space heater for small to mid-sized rooms. 

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5. Lasko Designer Series Oscillating Ceramic Heater

Many space heaters share a problem in that they are not very pretty, and the ones tend to be on the expensive side. The Lasko Designer Series Oscillating heater averts this problem by being a fully functional space heater that can complement a room’s decoration rather than disrupt it. With a price point very similar to the Model 755320 at $50-$70, the Designer Series space heater has a nice “Mediterranean-inspired” look to it. These aesthetic heaters come with standard overheat protection, self-regulating ceramic coils, and cool-touch housing. The heater also has a 1500-watt maximum output, both touch and remote controls, a 7-hour timer, Two output settings, and an adjustable thermostat. It’s also quite compact at 16 inches tall, and is one of the heavier models on this list at 6.5 pounds, probably due to the decorative metal scrollwork at its base. The scroll work also gives this heater good stability meaning it likely won’t be easily tipped over. I would recommend this heater if you want a quality product that won’t mess up your sense of interior design.  

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6. andily Electric Ceramic Heater

Affordable and effective, andily’s line of portable space heaters are some of the cheapest on this list, between $20 and $40 on average. These little boxes are not the most aesthetically pleasing or the highest grade, but they are cheap, easily transported, and come with standard safety features such as overheating and tip-over protection, and a light that turns on while the device is powered. This space heater has two power settings plus a fan-only setting for when the heating aspect is not needed. It’s fairly standard in terms of actual output and utility. It’s also pretty darn small, only 8.3 inches tall, and can thus be easily stored when not in use. While it lacks a precise digital readout or a warranty of more than one year, that is to be expected. If you need a small, reliable heater that can also act as a fan, this particular model will keep you nice and toasty. 

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Did you find this list helpful? Which of these space heaters do you think is right for you? Make sure to let us know, and stay warm this season.

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