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Affordable Romantic Places For Dates in Boston

Living in a city like Boston is expensive. Because dating also can be quite expensive, here’s a list of affordable romantic places that are both fun, and don’t exhaust your wallet!

Coolidge Corner Open Movie Night

Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline is among the great affordable romantic places even if you don’t decide to go to the Open Movie night. They usually have a variety of blockbuster and indie films, as well as some foreign films and reruns of classics. It’s been around as a theatre for nearly a hundred years or so and has a very chic vibe about it. There are sometimes even musical or comedy events in theatre as well. The open movie night is the second Tuesday of every month, where local filmmakers get to premiere their short films that are up to 10 minutes.

The filmmaking community is very friendly and eager to meet new people, and likely will offer opportunities for artists, musicians, scriptwriters, animators, and actors to come together and be creative together. The best thing about this event is that it is totally free of charge! It is said the best things in life are free, and in this case, art and fellowship are included.

Out Of The Blue Too Art Gallery

Out of the Blue Too truly is one of the coolest places in Boston to go when looking for something creative to do that will put you in touch will fellow creators/artists who use that space for some lively and educational activities. They sometimes put on musical events, art classes, dance classes, poetry readings, book clubs, language classes, music classes, and various other learning and cultural events. It’s one of the best affordable romantic places in that most of these events are both free and incredibly wholesome. The crowd who hang around there are a bunch of folks largely in being vulnerable in a way that is totally necessary for artistic and personal growth.

A lot of early college is trying to break away from habits that encourage self-sabotage and self-pity, and this is a great place to go for a constructive artistic environment that sometimes at art school, we forget that we are both talented and loved. One needs a partner in this life who’s willing to fall on their face, laugh about it, and get up and keep on trying, and Out of the Blue Too is a great place where one can do that amongst friends, peers, and likely future contacts.

The Gorgeous Variety Of Boston’s Park’s, Monuments, And Memorials

The city of Boston contains hundreds of neat, historic parks, museums, and memorials that are largely open and free to the public, and make fine affordable romantic places. Some of the areas particularly worth visiting is the Charles River Esplanade, the Back Bay Fens, The Massachusetts Museum of Fine Arts (worth bringing your Berklee ID to), the Public Gardens, the Boston Common, the Cambridge Common, the Back Bay Fens, the Boston Harbor, the Arnold Arboretum, and the Franklin Park Zoo.

They sometimes have festivals and activities that are also affordable, such as the nightly summer evening beer garden on the Charles Esplanade, the ice skating in the Public Gardens, the Freedom Trail in the Common, and the Mother’s Day lilac festival in the Arnold Arboretum. Often in these activities are locals who’ve been participating in these activities for years, and likely can invite you to more exclusive activities that are largely affordable and put in you in better touch with your fellow citizens. Nothing is more desirable than to be a committed member of your community.

Allston Dives And Digs

Allston has a number of great hole-in-the-wall places that make for great affordable romantic places. There are dive bars like The Avenue, Garlic and Lemons, Union Breakfast, and Great Scott, all located on Harvard Avenue. The Avenue is a great late-night location. After 10 p.m. the Burgers are $2, and the 16 oz tallboys are discounted. Garlic and Lemons is a great place to get quality Mediterranean food.

See Also

Union Breakfast is a great location for the all-day breakfast fans, with killer chocolate milk and omelets! Great Scott is a great bar/entertainment venue that usually features great from the local and national music scenes. There are other great clubs eateries nearby, such as the Brighton Music Hall, the Paradise Rock Club, the Glenville Stops restaurant, the White Horse Tavern, Harry’s Bar and Grill, and Twin Donuts. Twin Donuts is an all-time favorite, with an all-day breakfast menu, killing donuts and breakfast sandwiches.

The Berklee Cafeteria (Gasp!)

When all else fails there’s always one place you can be sure satisfies your needs. That’s the Berklee Cafeteria. It’s an incredibly unimaginative place to get some greasy grub, and boy is it greasy. But it gets the job done, and sometimes, that’s all that matters. The right partner for you doesn’t really care about whether the date location is flashy or not. It all depends on just being together that really counts. With a top-notch salad bar, a pasta/omelet station, an ice cream bar; the Berklee cafeteria is an assured great place for romance.

On Saturdays and Sundays, breakfast is served nearly all day, during the winter, there’s a non-stop hot chocolate station. There are usually great specials to celebrate various holidays. Best of all, on Valentine’s day, there’s an exclusive Valentine’s day dinner. If you’ve got a meal plan, it’s totally free of charge at the use and all you can eat.

Are there any affordable romantic places we missed? Let us know in the comment section below!

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