Affordable Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and you’ve probably been thinking, “What the heck am I going to get Mom this year?” There are tons of options out there, and it isn’t always easy to find what could be the PERFECT gift. But, here are some awesome suggestions that just might make you the favorite child.

1. An Amazing Beauty Gift. Our moms are constantly running errands for us and our family, to the point that sometimes they hardly get to relax! This year, get your mom self-care and beauty gifts to encourage her to sit and de-stress for a little.

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2. Jewelry. You can never go wrong with any kind of jewelry for your mom on Mother’s Day. A simple, but always appreciated gift. You can even get a piece of jewelry with a charm that has special meaning to it, like a quote or you and your siblings’ birthstones.

3. Purse or Wristlet. Like Jewelry, you can never go wrong with a purse or a bag for your Mother’s Day gift. Especially with summer coming up, your mom is probably getting ready to trade in her winter season bag for her summer one. Beat her to it by getting a pretty summer printed bag, or even a beach bag for this upcoming beach season.

4. Coffee Mug. Although a coffee mug is sometimes considered a predictable gift, there are ways to make a coffee mug more than just that. There are hundreds of ways you can personalize a coffee mug to make it a great gift for your mom. You can customize images on it, photos, engravements, and more! You can even make your own with a plain mug and a sharpie. Check out this DIY tutorial for painted mugs that don’t wash away!

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5. Journal. It’s normal for mom’s to be stressed, and writing is a great way to relax the mind and escape reality for a little bit. A journal is a great gift for your Mom. It can also act as an organizer for the hundreds of tasks moms have to keep up with every day. Or, you can even fill up your own journal with all the reasons you love your mom and memories you have shared together. Give it to her, but also add to it frequently.

6. Lotion and perfume. What mom doesn’t like to smell good? Get your mom her favorite scent of lotion or perfume.


Do it yourself:

If you’d like to get your mom something, and make it from the heart, there are TONS of DIY projects for you to try this Mother’s Day.

The great part about all these gifts is that they are affordable, and you can combine them. DIY a candle and stick some lotion in the gift bag. Or, get a cute purse and fill it with perfume or jewelry.

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