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5 Affordable Makeup Companies that Cater to the Everyday Woman

Makeup! Makeup! Makeup! This can be a tricky topic for some of us. Makeup is universal and is specific to each individual who wears it. In the last few years there has been talk about inclusivity and having makeup that ranges for all skin tones. While paying attention to those conversations it help educate me as a makeup wearer on who caters to the average woman like myself.

Makeup ranges in quality and pricing which can be very expensive to very cheap. I’ve dabbled in both areas to some degree to find what works for me. I’ll be honest, it can be a tedious process filled with trial and error. Makeup companies are very prominent these days, which mean tons of makeup products on the market. This can be overwhelming as a consumer because too many options can override the quality and nature of a product. Have no fear! I’ve compiled a list of makeup companies that are affordable and cater to women like us!


Nyx cosmetics company is truly one of my all time favorites! It was founded in Los Angeles by Toni Ko in 1999. This company is a cruelty-free brand and also have vegan options as well. They have a wide range of makeup products that are not only affordable but good in quality. As a woman of color, a makeup company with a wide variety of complexion products catches my eye the quickest. NYX has over forty shades! 


One of the products that stand out to me as a consumer, is their eyeliners. Their eyeliner quality is spectacular with a nice range in shades. I’ve tried just about every color and I must say the sapphire blue and matte black are my favorites. These eyeliners are so affordable, under ten dollars and is very pigmented. NYX makeup products range from complexion products to eyeshadows, lipsticks, makeup brushes and much more. They have everything you will need for the low!

L.A. Girl Cosmetics

L.A. Girl Cosmetics is one of those makeup brands that you see in YouTube videos quite a bit. This brand has came out with a concealer collection that has taken the makeup industry by storm. Their concealers have over 20 shades ranging from a white shade to a deep rich color. 


When I first tried these concealers it was for the price and I mean they are extremely affordable! I saw on Amazon you can get a kit of all the concealer shades for under thirty dollars. They are versatile and can be used as foundation, eye primer, corrector amongst other things.  Their lip liners are holy grail for me. There are alot of colors and they compliment every skin tone. They do carry foundation that I do like using as well,  it is medium coverage and also have a good shade range. If you are looking to save some coins and slay at the same time, L.A. Girl makeup products are the way.

ELF Cosmetics

ELF Cosmetics is another makeup company known for its affordability and wide range of products! It was founded in 2004 by two friends. This brand has grown exponentially over the past few years and I can tell why. I already mentioned the affordability part but the products are just really good. I have to say the foundation part of the brand is not my favorite but everything makes up for it! Pun intended. 


The makeup brushes that are part of the line are great! Usually makeup brushes can cost you a pretty penny but these are under twenty dollars. Their makeup brush cleaner that they sell is also a holy grail of mine. They also offer great quality eyeliners, eyeshadows,  concealers and even lashes! 


This makeup right here! Let me tell you! If I ever seen the most pigmented and luxury eyeshadows, they came from Colourpop. This online brand is based out of the United States and has made quite a name and clientele for themselves. They have foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, brushes and other things makeup related. I’ve purchased a few eyeshadows that I consider some of my most luxury items and they were literally five dollars! 


Colourpop had a huge moment with the release of their full coverage concealers. You would see every beauty guru on YouTube using them. Colourpop prides themselves on the quality as well as the affordability of their products. They have everyday prices for luxury product, can’t beat that with a makeup brush!

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M.A.C Cosmetics

M.A.C is the OG of the makeup industry on this list! This company was started back in 1984. It has dominated the makeup industry for years before other brands. I remember being in high school wishing I could get my hands on MAC products. When I got of age the first piece of makeup I purchased that was considered luxury was from MAC. The concealer palette changed my taste a bit. It was full coverage and the first time I used the contour technique not needing any foundation! 

If you wish to have professional quality, MAC is the way. Their prices are a bit more steep than previously mentioned brands but the pay off is worth every penny. They have a wide range of products that are easy to use and gives a professional finish. Their makeup is easy to blend out and full coverage, it will cover what you are thinking! Try one product, lipsticks I definitely recommend and watch yourself transform into a MUA!


Shopping for makeup can be tricky, I understand completely. With so many products and companies on the market; its a big, wide makeup world to discover. Don’t be intimidated though, after all the smoke and mirrors you’ll  see what works best for you!

I’ve been doing makeup for a long time and ran into some products that I absolutely loved and some that didn’t work out. With the popularity of makeup growing, its no wonder why so many companies are becoming increasingly fixated on pushing out new products constantly. Its all learning experience and I hope this article helps you in your makeup journey. 

Which makeup brand do you currently use? Are any of these brands one you are willing to try? Let us know your comments and experiences with makeup below.

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