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10 Affordable DIY Gifts For The Holidays

10 Affordable DIY Gifts For The Holidays

These DIY gifts are going to be perfect for you if you're on a budget this holiday season! Here are some of our top favorite ones!

Every year, I delay holiday shopping. It becomes overwhelming trying to find the perfect yet budget-friendly gift for those close to me. Use this list of DIY gifts to decide what’s best for everyone in advance and avoid spending more than you care to.

1. For your dad who loves desserts

Not only is peppermint bark easy to make, its great for when you need a large quantity of gifts for a party or the office. You’ll only need white chocolate, milk chocolate and candy canes or mints. You can add a few drops of peppermint extract to the chocolate for more flavor.

10 Affordable DIY Gifts For The Holidays

2. For your friend who is always cold

Every one of us has that one friend who is constantly too cold, regardless of the season. Gift them a practical, microwavable heating pad. Make one with 100% cotton fabric, some thread and rice.

3. For your sibling who likes sweets

Purchase a silicone spoon mold from your local craft store and get ready to experiment with melting candy. Try chocolate, peppermint or butterscotch. You can reuse the mold every year during the holidays.

10 Affordable DIY Gifts For The Holidays

4. For your relative who swears by an organic lifestyle

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil (like eucalyptus) to organic coconut oil, and you have an instant spa-worthy lotion/face cream.

5. For your family member who loves quality gifts

Make your own bath bombs instead of spending a fortune at the store, and keep the molds for future use.

10 Affordable DIY Gifts For The Holidays

6. For the guy in your life who freezes every winter

Know how to knit and enjoy the process? Gift somebody special in your life with a personalized pair of gloves in their favorite color.

7. For your coworker who loves drama

Create the calm you need in the office with this great gift idea. Maybe make a few extra for those hectic mornings before work or class.

10 Affordable DIY Gifts For The Holidays

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8. For your mom who loves DIY gifts

While this isn’t completely DIY, it’s still a personalized gift. Head to your city’s Parks and Recreation to paint some pottery. Decorate a flower pot, mug or candle holder you can purchase on the spot.

9. For your stressed friend who needs a spa day

With these allergy relief bath salts, your family and friends will relax and rejuvenate over the holiday break.

10 Affordable DIY Gifts For The Holidays

10. For your boss who supports you

Hot coco always warms the heart. Neatly pile hot coco powder, marshmallows and chocolate chips in a mason jar. Complete the gift with a big red or green bow around the neck of the jar.

What are your favorite DIY gifts? Will you try any of these DIY gifts? Let us know in the comments!
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10 Affordable DIY Gifts For The Holidays

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