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10 Affordable Australian Clothing Brands You Didn’t Know About

10 Affordable Australian Clothing Brands You Didn’t Know About

Affordable Australian clothing brands that you need to know about. These up and coming brands have the latest fashions and are even ahead of some trends!

With college expenses and life on campus, saving up isn’t really such an easy thing, is it? But, when you are twenty-something and you’re into fashion, you’ll be happy to renounce your monthly allowance for the sake of that one latest trend you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. Luckily for you and all the other gorgeous fashionistas, there are plenty of high-quality, hip and trendy (yet affordable) pieces to find around, if you only look close enough. Here’s a selection of 10 of our favorite affordable Australian clothing brands you’ll immediately fall in love with…

Princess Polly

This Aussie brand is perfect in every sense of the word. Slightly resembling the boho chic vibe, yet staying absolutely true to their own design, Princess Polly is the perfect choice for all girls who love their chic and aren’t ready to compromise it. It’s a perfect buy at any point with a wide range of pieces to offer!   


Sabo Skirt

If you peruse through the hoards of Instagram fashion models, chances are, a good portion of them are wearing something from this fashion savvy company. With moderate prices and stunningly trendy pieces, it’s no wonder fashion lovers flock to this Australian clothing brand.




Mink Pink

Mink Pink is vintage-inspired, chic and is a just-playful-enough Australian brand for the free-spirited hippie at heart. It has the potential to transform runway trends into affordable pieces for fashion lovers on a tight budget. The cuts and styles are incredibly fresh and upbeat. With most price points falling below $100, you’ll enjoy your MinkPink adventure. Guaranteed.   


Ivory And Chain

Ivory And Chain is an Australian brand whose designs are focused on making women feel confident, elegant, and daring with their clothing and style. This brand carries a lot of unique styles, including satin corset shirts and bold accessories. If you’re looking for something a little fun and different, definitely check out Ivory And Chain!



Ally Fashion

Ally Fashion is an Australian fast fashion retailer, with hundreds of styles and options to choose from. Their site gets 50 new arrivals almost every single week; so if you don’t find something you like today, just check back in next week! Ally Fashion’s modern and trendy vibes will definitely get you buying within minutes of searching the site.

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Penny Skateboards

Penny Skateboards company started in 2011 by Australian Ben Mackay and it has flourished ever since. What is more, the brand has recently experienced a hefty resurgence in popularity by those youngsters who love the brand’s edge and understand their modern vibe. Their design is suitable for both boys and girls, and it’s super affordable – so don’t be afraid to dig in! This streetwear brand is currently working on two different collaborations.




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