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Affordable Art Pieces For Your Apartment

Affordable Art Pieces For Your Apartment

Decorating your apartment with beautiful art can be lots of fun and visually rewarding, but it can also start to get pricey very quick! That’s why I’ve created this little guide of a few websites that you can find affordable art pieces to decorate your apartment with.

With these websites, you’ll definitely find your perfect pieces of art without breaking the bank! 

DKNG Studios

First up is one of my personal favorite places to get affordable art for my apartment! I first saw them set up at a booth during Austin, TX’s SXSW Festival and I fell in love with their illustrated prints and posters. They have very unique and cool illustrations that are definitely one of a kind! 

Their prices are very affordable being usually less than $50 for most art prints with some sale prices as low as $10. They’re based out of Los Angeles, CA and they’ll ship your prints to you in a very timely manner!

Click their art print below to check out more of DKNG’s amazing art:

Affordable Art Pieces For Your Apartment


Next up is a fun website called Society6. They have plenty of affordable art to choose from and all of the prints are from artists all over the world! They also have beautiful tapestries and other wall art to choose from.

Their prices for art prints are around the $25 range and some prints are even on sale for around $13.

Click the photo of one of their art prints by 83 Oranges (shown below) to check out Society6’s amazing website:

Affordable Art Pieces For Your Apartment

Etsy “Art & Collectables” 

Etsy is also another great place to find affordable art for your apartment. Simply go to and click on the tab that says “Art & Collectables.” From there you can choose from their many selections to find the piece of art that’s perfect for you!

You can also adjust the price range of the art that’ll show up in your search so you won’t be looking at anything you can’t afford just yet.

Click the photo below of a beautiful piece from LDawningScott’s Etsy shop to check out more affordable art from all over the world:

Affordable Art Pieces For Your Apartment


The next website is absolutely a wonderful place to find beautiful, unique, and affordable art for your apartment!

Artfinder has amazing handmade pieces from artists all over the world. You can be sure that the piece you’re getting is special because the artists who sell on Artfinder are required to make only 150 copies of the art that you’re purchasing.

Artfinder puts you directly in contact with the artist you’re purchasing from which makes your piece all the more special; the artist will even sign your new piece!

You also have the option to adjust your price range so you can find exactly what you’re looking for within your means.

See Also

Click the photo below of a beautiful painting by Elene Adele Dmitrenko, an artist in Ukraine on Artfinder, to search their website for your perfect piece of affordable art:

Affordable Art Pieces For Your Apartment

Pop Chart 

If you like fun facts, interesting knowledge, and art, then Pop Chart is the place for you! Pop Chart is a fun website that takes interesting facts, history, or really almost anything you could think of, and puts it into fun art prints that you can hang on your apartment walls! 

You’ll find interesting information about wine, history, space, nature, and even language from the art prints on this fun website!

This is definitely a place to get a different and fun kind of art that’s also super affordable. Their prices range from around $20-$50.

P.S. These art pieces are also a great conversation starter if you happen to have people over at your apartment!

Click the photo below of one of their animal art prints to check out Pop

Affordable Art Pieces For Your Apartment

I hope these websites will lead you to the affordable art pieces of your dreams. Let us know what you find in the comments below!

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