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Advice For Singles That Have Been Single For Awhile

Advice For Singles That Have Been Single For Awhile

Single life is an extraordinary experience that every individual must have to understand themselves. However, being single for a while can become a drag. Love is spontaneous and isn’t just something a human can conjure. Therefore, it’s quite hard to transfer from being single to taken unless you truly don’t care about compatibility. Here is some useful advice for singles that have been single for a while.

Single Life Doesn’t Have To Suck

You probably heard it before but your days being single doesn’t have to be terrible. I think the worse person to tell you this is your friend who’s dating their significant other. Either way, they’re right about their advice. When you’re single you have the freedom to make your own decisions and not have to worry about what other people think. It’s these precious days that you can travel, learn who you are and cater to yourself to build a strong and independent individual.

Advice For Singles That Have Been Single For Awhile

You Will Come Across Love

There are over seven billion people in this world and love will find a way. You have to look at it from an outsider’s perspective. You possibly haven’t found the person you were meant to spend your life with because you haven’t come into their path yet. Ask yourself, do you go out? Have you tried to get involved with events or attend any?

Advice For Singles That Have Been Single For Awhile

Social Life Is Huge When You Want To Be In A Relationship

If you aren’t trying new things or aren’t willing to leave your house how do you expect to find love? This is a major problem in today’s society. Advanced technology is taking over interpersonal communication. Most young adults prefer to talk to their friends through social media versus in person making it hard for the younger generation to meet up face to face. This puts a damper on dating in person especially with online dating sites like Tinder and OkCupid taking over.

Make it a habit to go out and try something new. If your coworker invites you to her small get-together accept the invite. You never know who you’ll meet.

Advice For Singles That Have Been Single For Awhile

Disney And Hallmark Promote Unrealistic Dating Expectations

Disney and Hallmark definitely produce an image of love that a lot of young adults wish they have. With this narrow idea of how love works many singles have unrealistic ideas of love. This may come off as you being too picky. We all have our preferences but we need to take a step back and analyze what our heart wants.

Love is about trial and error. If something doesn’t work in your first relationship you take it as at least you know what you don’t like for the next relationship. But from watching shows like Disney you almost wish things worked out the first time around. But that’s not how reality works.

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Advice For Singles That Have Been Single For Awhile

Take A Risk

Love requires a lot of risk taking. Your heart is sensitive and no one wants to deal with a broken heart. It can be extremely hard to throw yourself into the world of relationships because it makes you open and vulnerable. If you never take a chance to love then it’s you who is missing out. One or two broken hearts don’t compare to a lonely life. Humans are meant to love and be loved in return. Come out of your shell and get involved with your community. There are a lot of people who are dying to meet you but aren’t given the chance because you don’t allow it to happen.

Advice For Singles That Have Been Single For Awhile

Being single for a while isn’t a bad thing. This just means you took the time to work on yourself. But open yourself up to the new possibilities with other people. As quoted in Disney’s The Lion King 2 “love will find a way.”

Let us know in the comment section what is holding you back from being in a loving relationship.
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