10 Adult Easter Game Ideas You’ll Love

10 Adult Easter Game Ideas You'll Love

Easter is such a fun, colorful, treat-filled holiday that we all know and love. When we grow up, we recall the fond memories of our childhoods doing Easter egg hunts, getting baskets filled to the top with candy, and doing all sorts of colorful, crafty things. However, contrary to popular belief, Easter can be a fun time for adults, too. These are 10 adult Easter game ideas we think you and your friends will get a kick out of this holiday.

1. Egg Darts

Darts are a classic game everywhere you go, whether it’s a holiday or not. We thought this might be a good way to warm things up in the backyard. It gets a little messy, but that’s part of the fun! All you have to do is make a wooden target or use one you already have, score it however you’d like, and use all those festive leftover eggs as darts. Simple, right? This may be one of the messier adult Easter game ideas, but it’s definitely a fun time.

2.  Egg Toss

A holiday rendition of the ever-popular balloon toss is sure to put smiles on your guests’ faces. Not only will it bring them back to better days as a kid, but there is always something just so hilarious when an egg explodes all over somebody. Especially if there’s a few cocktails involved. With every successful toss between a pair, a step back should be taken to up the challenge. The last pair left with their egg intact gets a prize! Try planning out some adult/Easter-themed goodie bags.


10 Adult Easter Game Ideas You'll Love

3. Candy Egg Beer Pong

Absolutely everyone loves when a party gets a good game of Beer Pong going. Put the Easter spin on things and instead of using a ping pong ball to shoot, try a candy Easter egg. You could try using a regular Easter egg, but that might be a lot more difficult to keep from knocking all of the Solo cups over. Especially if you prefer to use beer in the cups instead of water, that would be a terrible waste!

10 Adult Easter Game Ideas You'll Love

4. Flashlight Egg Hunt

When it starts to get dark out, or if you plan on throwing your party later in the evening, why not try some flashlight egg hunt? After the kids do their daytime Easter egg hunt, take the eggs and hide them in a much larger range, in much more difficult places. If you want to make things even more interesting, put a small “adult treat” with each major egg find. (Edibles aren’t a bad idea if you and your friends are into it.) Use your imagination with this one. This is one of the more elaborate but most fun adult Easter game ideas.


5. Easter Bingo

In this case, we might have borrowed the idea from our elders. Bingo may be seen as an old person’s game, but let’s be real… everyone can get down with a solid game of Bingo. When you make the grids for the players and the list you’ll be calling things out from, just stay Easter-themed! Since this is a bit slower of the games, serve cocktails and sweets during, and make the prizes more desirable. Perhaps $50 or a bottle of wine?

6. Bobbing For Beer

Okay, this one might not be as Easter-y as the others, but it’s still one of our favorite adult Easter game ideas. Hopefully it’s warm enough for this kind of game by the time Easter rolls around this year. If not, you could always improvise and bring it indoors. Bobbing for apples is entertaining to watch, so imagine how entertaining it would be watching people try to pick up bottles of liquor. No need to deem prizes in this game, unless you want to. We thought it might just be something to get hilarious pictures of your guests to post all over social media. Besides, the liquor is the prize. You can use nips of all kinds, or if you want to be cruel, full-sized beer and liquor bottles. Your welcome!


10 Adult Easter Game Ideas You'll Love

7. Bobbing For Donuts

Just in case alcohol is not apart of your holiday celebrations, we have another interesting version of bobbing for apples that can be just as entertaining. Bobbing for donuts is delicious and more difficult than you would think. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors (although outdoors would probably work better) all you do is tie strings to a bunch of donuts and hang them from either branches or the ceiling, wherever you are. Then watch your guests try to snatch them out of the air!

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10 Adult Easter Game Ideas You'll Love

8. Bunny’s Eggs

Everyone has heard of Pin The Tail On The Donkey, right? Bunny’s Eggs is basically that, except you’re pinning eggs into the Easter Bunny’s arms. In case you -don’t- know how this game works, here’s what you do: Make a giant picture of the Easter Bunny to hang on the wall. Then, make a bunch of colored paper eggs (much smaller than the Bunny). The competitors are blindfolded upon their turn and they are given three chances (three eggs) to pin the paper eggs into the Easter Bunny’s arms on the wall. (You can use double-sided tape if you don’t want to use push pins.) If you want to make things a little more challenging, spin the competitor around a few times before they try to get to the bunny.

9. Easter Egg Bocce Ball

To start, you will need at least two sets of four eggs of the same color (i.e. four pink eggs and four green eggs) along with one plain egg. Place the plain egg wherever you’d like in the yard. Each team gets one of the sets of four eggs. The goal is to toss the four eggs aiming for the plain egg in the center. Whichever team gets one of their eggs the closest without it smashing (use hard-boiled eggs, obviously) gets a point! If someone manages to get their egg to land touching the plain egg, there’s two points! The first team to 11 points wins.

10. Rolling Egg Race

Last but not least, we have the Rolling Egg Race. The rules are extremely simple. Two or more of your guests have to try and roll a hard-boiled egg using only their nose from start to finish. The track is entirely up to you so feel free to make it crazy. As simple as this last one is, it’s also absolutely hilarious watching grown men and women dragging their faces across the floor. I’d film this one!

10 Adult Easter Game Ideas You'll Love

Now you all have no excuse to be lame on Easter. Any holiday can be turned into an adult holiday if you just toss in some beer and embarrassing videos. So get to some egg coloring, basket sorting, and game making and throw the holiday party of the year. We hope you use some of these adult Easter game ideas!

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