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20 Adorkable Gifts for New Girl Fans

20 Adorkable Gifts for New Girl Fans

For the lover of all things Jess, Nick, Schmidt, and Winston, these 20 adorkable gifts are perfect for the New Girl fans in your life!

Not sure what to get that friend in your group who seems to have popped out of a storybook? The friend that resembles Jessica Day from “New Girl” a little too much because she happens to carry pudding cups in her purse and has whimsical items around her apartment that, for some odd reason, actually serve a purpose? You know, the friend that does random things too perfectly coordinated and says the wisest of words when you need them the most. Here are 20 gifts for New Girl fans that will keep her trendy randomness cool and her serendipitous attitude intact.

1. iPhone Bunny Case

This bunny case would be the perfect gift for New Girl fans!

2. Kitty Cat Back Scratcher

3. Mermaid Mug

Adulting is Overrated Let's Be Mermaids Coffee Mug

4. Pineapple Multi-Use Tumbler

5. Keyring Headphone Splitter

6. Cute Wall Print

Hipster Owl Art Print Book Lover Literature Nerd Red Glasses Animal Poster Harry Potter Inspired Home Decor 8 x 10 inches

7. Woodland Creatures Ice Tray

8. Monkey Peeler

9. Tubby Donut Mug

10. Handy Bottle Opener

11. Wooden Alarm Clock

12. Universal Tea Mug with Infuser

13. Instant Camera


14. Mega Stylish Tote

15. Mr. Fox Cushion

16. Birdhouse Key Holder

17. Cat Bookends

18. Cellphone Holder

19. Desk Pillow

20. A tee shirt that shows of her true New Girl fandom.


Do you have any other gift ideas for New Girl fans? Share in the comments below!


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