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Adorable Wedding Invitations You Have To Copy

Adorable Wedding Invitations You Have To Copy


Congratulations! I cannot imagine what it must feel like to be one step closer to your big day. You finally get to marry your best friend and start your marriage off right with a big celebration with family and friends. Though many things have changed when it comes to weddings, one thing surely has not: invitations! Wedding invitations have to be sent to all those invited, right? Doesn’t matter where, doesn’t matter when, doesn’t matter who you’re inviting… those beautiful slips of paper are more than just an FYI, they are your guest’s first taste of the wedding. So, here are some adorable, stunning, memorable, and sophisticated wedding invitations that will set the perfect tone of what is to come!

White Marble

I’m a huge sucker for everything and anything white marble. My laptop cover, phone case, pens and pencils, coasters, and candle stands are all white marble. I know that I’m not alone because white marble has exploded all over social media! For all those white marble fans out there, here is an elegant wedding invitation where you could even customize the lettering. It is subtly gorgeous but just as refined as the more traditional kind of wedding invitation which is a perfect combination for the modern bride.


Roaring Twenties

Okay, yes, 2020 didn’t go according to anyone’s plans and 2021 is off to a rocky start. But your wedding sure as heck will be exactly as you imagined! And since it’s going to be one of the biggest celebrations of your life, why not treat it as such? With all the enchantment and romance of a Great Gatsby party, these are a great way to start it off right. Even if your wedding is not fully vintage or at all flapper, these art deco wedding invitations are stunning and captivating while still being district to you and your big day. 


Glitz And Glam

Almost a cross between the white marble and art deco, these wedding invitations have the same sense of majesty and celebration. With glittering pink sparkles, it is as if rosé has been transformed into a wedding invitation! Exciting and stylish, this lets everyone you are inviting know it is going to be a spectacular party in your honor. Perfect for a ballroom, garden, or destination wedding, it is never too early to let everyone know where they are invited to be.

Simple Yet Chic

One of the reasons this one caught my eye is because of the attention to detail and having all the information inside the simple yet chic oval border. There is an effortlessness in the design that reminds me of the Regency era, of walks in rose gardens and dancing in breathtaking gowns. Then, with the use of graceful and dignified lettering and word choice, this wedding invitation could be a classic addition to various themes. The colors, flowers and feathering can be changed to your liking, making it practically perfect in every way.


Joining Of Two Families

I love this nod to wedding rings! Instead of having two obvious, almost kitschy rings, why not have more subtle and personal versions on your wedding invitations? Customizable to incorporate your wedding flowers and colors, these rings can show the joining of two lives, signified by the letters of your first names. Then, in a minimal and straightforward fashion, you can add all the needed details under the beautiful image.  This invitation you could frame and proudly hang in your home next to your wedding photos. 


String Lights

Though the point design is to highlight the palm fronds and the tropical setting of that particular wedding, the reason I added it to the list is because of the use of string lights! String lights have made their way into the wedding world, and not just in the case of backyard DIYs. String lights have evolved to become extremely romantic and vintage, reminiscent of days past. Just imagine yourself and your new husband under the warm glow of Edison bulbs… so, why not give a hint to your planned decor on the wedding invitation? 

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In this Age Of Information where everything, including wedding invitations, can be digitized, why not handwrite yours? Sometimes a personal touch really goes a long way. In the case of the wedding inspiration below, sometimes it is better not to have printed details or slave over calligraphy. Because, really, in this age of quarantine, this kind of personal touch will be treasured forever. So, instead, you could each write your name at the top and jot down whatever important details on the bottom, or order some convenient fill-in-the-blank invitations like the one shown below!


Carved In Wood

A throwback to the days where our grandparents carved their initials in a heart on a tree, these rustic invitations are totally adorable! They are a total must-have if you have already picked out a 1950’s dress. Casual and fun, these would be perfect for an outdoor wedding, filled with DIY details. Especially in a time like this when weddings need to be small, wedding invitations like these are natural and relaxed, which is a way to let everyone know it is going to be a low-key but amazing day.



Though the theme I have planned for my eventual wedding is the total opposite of these wedding invitations, I cannot help but love the artistry. Using the watercolor details to present an image akin to a sunrise produces a feeling of organic beauty and sophistication. If there is one invitation that you must copy it is this one, for this one will have all of your guests instantly RSVPing yes!


Any time of year, any place on earth, it doesn’t matter where and it doesn’t matter when, ultimately, you and your soulmate are going to be saying “I do” to forever! Hopefully, these ideas for wedding invitations have made this step of the process easier and gave inspiration for other parts to come. Comment below your favorite and keep an eye on Society19 for other helpful wedding tips and tricks!