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8 Adorable Ways To Prank Your S.O.

8 Adorable Ways To Prank Your S.O.

If you're looking for some ways to prank your s.o., we've got you covered. Try out some of these fun ideas to get your S.O. into some michief!

There are different ways to show you love someone (or really like them if you’re not quite there yet). And they don’t always have to be with kisses and teddy bears. Try some of these adorable pranks and your partner will know you’re obsessed with them! Here are 8 adorable ways to prank your S.O .. Enjoy!

Fake Lunch

Offer to make them lunch for work or between classes and use fake or rubber foods. Put them in a bag or container and tell them it’s a really good surprise and not to open it until lunch time. Figure out where they’ll be for lunch and surprise them by showing up with a real lunch after they get fooled by the fake one! So funny and cute and they’ll be glad to see you and share lunch with you too. This is one of the best ways to prank your S.O.!

Love Songs Ringtone

Change your personal ringtone on their phone to one of your favorite love songs, and call them constantly. They’ll be shocked because they won’t know you set it at first, and eventually be bothered by the prank of hearing the song every time you call them. This is so funny and the most adorable way to prank your S.O.


Classic “Sign On The Back” But Cuter

When they’re heading out for the day or you two say see ya later, give your S.O. a huge tight hug and put an “I Love (Your Name) So Much!” sign on their back. Hilarious. People will be asking them all day to tone it down, or saying other funny stuff to them and they won’t have any idea why (until they find the sign). It’s an adorable way to prank them because they’ll be reminded all day of how much they love ya!

I’m Pregnant

This one is more funny than cute, but still is one of the best ways to prank your S.O.. If you’re thinking about procreating with your partner bring it up by pranking them with a fake pregnancy test. Draw an extra line, a plus sign, or whatever on the test with a marker and then show it to them. When they’re done freaking out tell them you’re kidding, but you actually do want to have a baby! Lol! You’ll know their response before you ask though.

The Song Lyric Text Prank

This one is so much fun! If you’ve never done it, you’ve got to. Remember that it has to be a song that they’re not too familiar with so they won’t catch on. Make sure it’s a love song too. Text them line by line and try to match them up to their responses. Enjoy and laugh as they fall for it all. (I’m doing one while I write this!) Best adorable way to prank your S.O. ever.

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Let’s Get Married

Wanna freak your S.O. out and show them you care at the same time? Call their parents and tell them to help you out with a fake “we’re getting married” prank. Get a white dress or something formal on and some flowers, and tell them you’re so happy you’re finally doing this! Have their parents call and congratulate them and send them best wishes. When they’re done freaking out, tell them it’s just a prank, but hey do you really want to get married? This would be a fun way to prank your S.O. and propose at the same time.

I’ve Adopted A Kid For Us

This is a great way to tell your S.O. that you want to have children. Got any young siblings or cousins? Borrow one for the day and prank your partner by saying you’ve adopted a child for you two so you can see what it’d be like to be parents together. Make sure they don’t already know your little cousin of course and see how they react. If they get freaked out and try to leave, reveal the prank before they do so they’re not too upset. Lol. If they act out, make sure and tell them you’re disappointed because you were really considering co-parenting with them.


Extra Girl Friend

This one is more mature. If you’re far into your relationship and are willing to surprise your S.O. with another person, then a good way to prank them would be to have a girl or guy waiting for them at home. They’ll be shocked at first but when you show up really nicely dressed I’m sure they’ll know it’s more of a present than a prank!

I hope you like these fun and adorable ways to prank your S.O.! Tell me some more I can try and I’ll write about them in the comments!

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