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8 Adorable Summer Hairstyles For Girls With Curly Hair

8 Adorable Summer Hairstyles For Girls With Curly Hair

8 Adorable Summer Hairstyles For Girls With Curly Hair

Don’t get us wrong, having curly hair is fantastic, but sometimes you just don’t know what to do with it, especially during the warmer months. So here’s eight adorable summer hairstyles for girls with curly hair!

1. Space Buns

Space buns are a super cute way to stay both cool and stylish: they keep the hair up off your face, and work especially well with curly hair due to the added bounce and texture that comes with your waves!

2. Cute Curly French Plaits

The double French Plait is a classic, but it’s popular for a reason; because not only is this the perfect practical hairstyle for when you’re out and about when you’re doing summer activities, plaits always look adorable with curly hair, ringlets giving them more volume and a nice little twist at the end.


3. Bunches

Now, the word “bunches” might remind you of being a toddler, but they’re a lovely bouncy updo for keeping your curls in check, no matter what age you are! Whether you wear them low or high, bunches will always be a really pretty look.

4. Messy Bun

A messy bun is always a great style, because it’s quick, but also really elegant. Tying your hair up in a bun is always great when you have curly hair, because the waves add more detail to the pattern and texture of your hair, and any strands that slip out just add to the look. This is the sort of style that works just as well around the house as it does out and about, so it’s the perfect way to keep your curls in check all summer long!

5. Twist and pin

The “Twist and Pin” might be the easiest style on here, even though aesthetically, it looks deceptively complicated. All you have to do is section the front few strands of your hair off from the rest, and begin to twist it back against your head, gathering the rest of the strands from the hair you sectioned off as you go. Do this on both sides, and either pin the hair with separate slides at the back of your head, or wrap the twisted hair together and pin it with a large barrette or ornamental clip at the back of your head. This will give your hair a more subdued half-up-half-down bunches effect.

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6. Headband/ headscarf

A headband or headscarf is always a great way to keep the hair out of your eyes on a hot day, and it’s so quick if you’re in a rush. Depending on your choice, a headband or headscarf can really add a lot to your overall summer look, whether it’s with a pop of colour, quirky pattern, or just in the way you tie it. Experiment with different types, Alice bands and 1920’s-style scarves, to find out what you like best!

7. Half Up, Half Down

Everyone with curly hair has experienced the ponytail struggle. For some reason, sometimes, they just don’t work. Either they don’t sit right, or the end of your hair look all ratty, or your hair looks much shorter than it actually is; so the “Half Up, Half Down” is always a good compromise. Tie a quarter or so of your hair up into a ponytail or bun, and let the rest of your curls roam free!


8. Half Up, Half Down; The Plait Edit

What can look really cute if you have a little more time, is to plait the hair you want to tie up. Classic, French, or Fishtail the hair off your face in two braids, and tie them at the back of your head, so they sit adorably on the rest of your curls.

What’s your favourite way to style your curls during the summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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