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Adorable Summer Braids Meant For Beach Days

Adorable Summer Braids Meant For Beach Days

Summertime is quickly approaching and with new summer clothing styles comes new summer hairstyles. While there are endless amounts of styles one could choose from, one of the most common and fairly easy styles would be braids. There are several types of braids or styles, and they are perfect for the beach. What better than to have your hair braided, ready for a cool summer breeze on the beach or a dip in the ocean, or hanging by a pool. A bonus to braids is the beautiful waves you can achieve once you let them out at the end of the day. Either way, no matter what you like, there is a braided style for your summer adventure. Check out these adorable summer braids meant for beach days!

Bubble Braids 

Summer is hot, and often we are looking for styles to keep the hair out of our faces but keep us looking cute! Bubble braids are an adorable choice for any summer outfit and easy to achieve. Some bubble braids are created differently, but overall it is a simple concept to achieve and goes well with just about any look. You can make it look fancy or laid back depending on embellishments or added flare when needed. These braids can be used for a wedding on the beach or simply lounging on a blanket getting a tan. 


Loose Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are a commonly chosen braid, and it is perfect for the Summer or the beach. However, making the braid looser and slightly separating gives it an effortless ethereal look perfect for Summertime or beach days. Fishtail braids are great to wear on the back of the head like a ponytail, but it is also beautiful as a side pony style. Below is an example of the fishtail starting from the head’s crown down the face’s side. Wear a fishtail braid for an effortless look this Summer.

Reverse Fishtail Up the Back of Head

Fishtails are popular and typically flow downward and often lay straight or lay on the head’s side. However, this one flows from the nape of the neck to the top of the crown on the head. It is great for shorter hair and creates a loose end on the top or a fluffy and messy pony on the top of the head. You can achieve this look with a comb and some elastic bands. It is a great look for the beach this summer while you are catching waves or tanning. 


Double Braid

The double braid is simply a braid inside a braid. It can be worn straight down the back of the head or off to the side for a flawless, elegant look. This double braid is great for the beach or a walk along the pier during the summer. 

Braided Crown

Braids forming a crown on the top of the head are quite common and absolutely beautiful for the summer, whether it is a bonfire, a wedding, or lounging about the sun with friends. This style depicts some hair hanging loosely under the braided crown as just one of many crown options you could wear to the beach this summer. 

Double French Braid Crown

French braids are beautiful and a common choice for women and girls alike. This double french braid crown creates a new twist on a classic look for a crown and french braid. Try this look for a wedding or special event on the beach this summer while dawning a beautiful maxi dress or another lightweight, long flowing dress.  You will not be disappointed and get many compliments with this gorgeous yet simple braid this Summer. 


Waterfall Braids

Waterfall braids are absolutely stunning and typically do not sacrifice your length for style. There are a few different designs for waterfall braids, and of course, you can always add embellishments or change it up a bit to fit your liking. The waterfall braids are depicted to create a beautiful, elegant look but can be worn with anything. If you are looking to dress it up, add some embellishments such as flowers or hair diamonds. 

Half Up-Half Down Braided Buns

The image below is an adorable half up-half down style that almost anyone can pull off. Create two braids on the top of your head and make each end a bun. Secure the buns with elastic and, of course, bobby pins. This look is great for a lazy beach day or just hanging around the beach with friends. This simple look is great for those who want an easy but cute braided look that is not too tight or too loose. It is also a great option for those who don’t want to commit to a full braided head and keep some length. 

Loose Half Up Braided Bun

So, like the braid above, this is a half-up half-down hairdo that gives off a carefree feel. To achieve a look similar to this, follow these easy steps:


1. Tease your hair if you are looking for a little extra bump or volume on the top of the head; otherwise, start by creating three small to medium-sized braids on each side of your head.

2. Gather the three braids on each side and bring them together. You can secure it with an elastic.

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3. Finally, you will create a loose bun with the braids’ ends and secure it with bobbypins. 

Try this look for the summer when you are looking to hang out. Remember, loose braids or braids secured with bobby pins alone may run the risk of falling out, especially in water. Apply hairspray and secure with what you feel is needed beyond bobby pins or a simple elastic.

3 Braided Half-Up Pony

This half-up half-down style has a unique spin to it while giving you volume. Begin with three to four braids on the top of your head. Try french braids or even cornrows if you prefer that look better. Then you will secure each of the braids with an elastic. Bring the three braids together with another band. Brush out the ends and teach the high pony you created. Take one of the ends and wrap it around the base of the pony to cover the elastic. If you want to add a little more personality to your look, you can use a curler and curl the ends and run a comb through it to have loose curls throughout your look. 


Two Braids and a Half Knot

For a final half-up and half-down look, you can try two braids of your choosing and gather them into a half knot on the top of your head. The look is simple and easy to create, as you can do any type of braids on the top, especially if you want a more full look. Half knots are quite common when it comes to having one’s hair up these days. So combining adorable summer and spring braids with a half knot makes perfect sense. You can dress up this look with embellishments; of course, add flowers, diamonds, or other cute hairpins and accessories to create a look that is unique to you. 


Summertime is all about being cool, relaxed, and of course, sporting some adorable styles. Your hairstyle is no exception to the summer style and outfits you create. In fact, your hair is a great accessory and can amplify your outfits no matter the season. Try a cute braid this summer, and let us know which summer braids style above you love for hitting the beach! 

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