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21 Adorable Pumpkin Carving Patterns

One of the best parts about Halloween is carving pumpkins, but in recent years the Jack O’Lantern’s decorating everyone’s front steps have gone completely next level. Whether you like to make them spooky, quirky, or just plain cute – here are 25 adorable pumpkin carving patterns to help you up your game this Halloween!

1. Mason Jar

This pretty design will spruce up any pumpkin! The butterflies and mason jar will be the perfect addition to your front porch.

Find this mason jar pattern here!

2. Simple Yet Pretty

This is one of the most simple pumpkin carving patterns on the list, but will add a beautiful touch to your decorations. For added effect, grab a few other pumpkins of different shapes and sizes and repeat this pattern!

Find this pretty pattern here!

3. All Gold

This pattern is super easy, and looks gorgeous. Just paint your pumpkin gold before you carve and you’ll have look like you spent hours on this design!

Find this all gold design here!

4. The Nightmare Before Christmas

If you’re looking to add a character into the mix, try Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas! His face is iconic, and this pattern isn’t too difficult.

Find this Jack pumpkin here!

5. The Little Mermaid

This pattern is perfect if you live in a beach town! This Ariel silhouette is sure to be a hit.

Find this little mermaid design here!

6. Fall Leaves

This is an adorable pumpkin carving pattern that is so versatile, it will last even after Halloween is over.

Find this fall leaves pattern here!

7. Stack of Jacks

So cute! Stack your Jack O’Lanterns on top of each other to create this fun pattern.

Find this cute stacked pattern here!

8. Beach Themed

These fish, bones, anchor, lobster, and octopus pumpkin carving patterns are perfect for a Halloween down by the water. Paint your pumpkins different hues of blue for an extra special touch.

Find the patterns here!

9. Pumpkin Train

This fun pumpkin carving pattern can go anywhere! From your front steps to the centerpiece on your table, this decoration will look great no matter where you place it.

Find the pumpkin train here!
10. Black Cat

This pattern is a Halloween classic! Try it out if you’re looking to go more traditional.

Find this cat pattern here!

11. An Assortment

If you want to make a statement, gather a bunch of pumpkins and give each one their own unique spin. These patterns will look beautiful on white pumpkins, too.

Find these patterns here!

12. Constellation

This is a quirky and pretty pattern to try out. Paint your pumpkin black and carve your favorite constellation!

Find this starry pattern here!

13. Owl

Although this pattern looks difficult, it is actually fairly easy to pull off! Plus, it is so adorable you’re definitely going to want to give this one a try!

Find this owl here!

14. Fall Tree

This whimsical pattern is perfect for outdoors or indoors. It is also great for November, too, so you may end up carving another!

Find this carving pattern here!

15. Flower

This flower design will look beautiful alongside some fall mums! It is simple, yet so elegant.

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Find this flower look here!

16. Flames

This pattern is so easy to do, you will want to grab a bunch of pumpkins to make your very own fire pit!

Find these flames here!

17. Sugar Skull

This is a great pattern if you also celebrate Día De Los Muertos! Easy and looks extra festive.

Find this classic pattern here!

18. Tricky Trees

This one is for the experts! If you can pull this pattern off, you will be the talk of the town.

Find this tricky design here!

19. Cinderella and Prince Charming

This princess pumpkin carving pattern is perfect for couples! (Or if you just really love Disney, of course!)

Find this Disney-inspired pattern here!

20. Bats

Another Halloween classic, these two bats are so easy to carve. You could even do this one an hour before the trick-or-treaters show up!

Find these pumpkin bats here!

21. Mickey

This Disney pumpkin carving pattern will be a hit with the kids! All you need to do is add two tiny pumpkins for Mickey’s ears.

Find this Mickey pumpkin here!

What are your fave pumpkin carving patterns? Tell us down below!
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