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12 Adorable Photos Of Hedgehogs That’ll Turn Your Day Around

12 Adorable Photos Of Hedgehogs That’ll Turn Your Day Around

Are you stressed from a really difficult day and need a reason to smile? Well, look no further, here are some ridiculously cute photos of hedgehogs!

The hedgehog as an animal is rather underrated. The most people know of them is the fictional Sonic the Hedgehog but the real-life animals are just as cute! If you’re having a bad day, for whatever reason, then trust us when we say that these little critters can turn your whole day around! So enjoy these photos of hedgehogs and enjoy the smiles you’ll get from them too!

1. Hedgehog in a bottle.

Messages are supposed to be in bottles, right? What message is in this one? Presumably, it’s to enjoy the adorable, snuggly and tiny things in life because that’s exactly what this hedgehog’s like!

2. Hedgehog in a horn.

Wait before you blow into this instrument cause this little critter is snuggling inside it! Don’t worry, they can easily be removed later if needed but why would anyone want to? Look at these little, furry things; they’re precious!


3. A very hungry hedgehog!

Every living being, from the tiniest of amoebas to the largest of elephants has to eat. Luckily, this hedgehog’s owner has provided them with juicy strawberries, a perfect snack in the warm summer months.

4. A very festive hedgehog!

The winter months may be cold and frightful but this hedgehog must feel absolutely delightful in his miniature scarf. Top that off with a green blanket

and they are all ready to go! They can now brace the chilliest of weather and now look cute doing it too!


5. A hedgehog camping trip.

So what’s next after summer picnics and winter coziness? How about a fall camping excursion? This hedgehog got to experience one and their owner was luckily on standby to grab some pictures before it was over. Enjoy!

6. A hedgehog standing with the flowers.

Our final stop on this tour of the seasons is the hedgehog in spring. What more fun activity is there during those months than to head to a local garden and sniff some flowers? Here’s a hedgehog by a flowerbed, presumably doing just that.

7. This hedgehog is fancy as can be!

Hedgehog fashion is rather elusive. How do you dress a small, quadrupedal spiny mammal? This person seems to have settled on higher class outfits, showing off the more distinguished side of the animal. Really the small glasses are just perfect for this. 10/10, would search for again.


8. Who says top hats are the only way to be fancy?

Surely, a dress can be just as spectacular and high-class, right? Of course it can be. Don’t worry about that when it comes to hedgehog fashion though. We got you covered.

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9. How about the more adventurous side of the hedgehog?

Are there outfits for that too? The answer is yes; there are absolutely outfits for that side of the creature. To give a specific example, here’s a small hog looking just fabulous in a Western-inspired hat. Isn’t it just gorgeous?


10. So what else can hedgehogs do?

They can motivate you when times are tough, giving you the energy to keep moving on, accomplishing your dreams, gaining new talents and passing through your goals. Here’s one cheering for you in particular! I mean c’mon, this is one of the cutest photos of hedgehogs ever!

11. Can hedgehogs be any cooler?

Absolutely, they can as cool as cool can get. By which I mean, they can do some sick tricks on a tiny hedgehog-sized skateboard. Here’s an example:

12. Is there anything artsy that a hedgehog can do?

You bet. Did you know hedgehog have wonderful piano technique? They’re unique method of running along the keys produces gorgeous and unpredictable masterpieces like no other animal can! Dump Keyboard Cat; it’s time to welcome in Piano Hedge!


What do you think of these adorable photos of hedgehogs? Let us know in the comments below!

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