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10 Adorable Makeup Pieces to Add to Your Collection

There are a lot of adorable beauty products on the market. Packaging is just part of the selling point. I have curated a list of ten adorable makeup pieces plus some alternatives to the choices given in the list! If you are looking to add fun, beauty, and overall great products to your collection of makeup and beauty items, keep reading until the end!

1. Hello Kitty Tropical Escape- Colourpop

Colourpop is known to have some amazing makeup. This newly launched collection screams summer vibes while bringing you an array of fun colors for your eyes, lips, and skin. The collection has lip tints, eyeshadow quads, stickers, blush, and lip scrubs. Not only are there several lip tints and eyeshadow quads in this collection, but the scents and flavors are sweet! Pineapple, cherry, orange, and cake are just a few to note in this collection. There are a total of 10 items in this collection, plus stickers. Each of the powders has an adorable engraved image pressed into the powder. The price tag of $89 is well worth adding to your collection. Of course, you can always purchase things separately if you are not looking to pick up the whole collection. Check out the Colourpop website for more information.

2. Disney Lady and the Tramp Makeup Brush Set

Disney lovers will love this makeup brush set featuring Lady from Lady and the Tramp. Lady is peeking out of a gift box and has a giant bow behind her head; there is where the brushes will be held. The brushes are a soft pink bristle color featuring Lady as an adorable puppy inside and outside a gift box on the brushes’ handles. These brushes will make a great gift for a Disney or dog lover. Check out the brushes and other similar style brushes at the BoxLunch website today.

3. Disney Tinkerbell Eyeshadow Palette

Tinkerbell is a beloved Disney character, so it is no wonder she was chosen to base a makeup palette. Who wouldn’t love this adorable Pixie with attitude? Of course, the front of the palette dawns the adorable flying fairy looking up in an unamused manner. The border of the palette features mushrooms and other fairy forest-themed designs.  Much of the design looks like a drawing or sketch pad picture. The color choices are beautiful. The green color is one you would expect for Tinkerbell, and it has a shimmer to it as if it is layered with pixie dust. The rest of the colors are in the realm of neutrals and corals. All color choices are not over the top but still make a great statement. The palette is available at Hot Topic.

4. Cheeky Stamp Blendable Blush by Kaja

The Cheeky Stamp Blendable Brush by Kaja comes in seven colors. The stamp is a heart shape design. You simply stamp your cheeks with the desired color then blend in color. It is a buildable product, so you can have it as sheer or pigmented as you want. For application, the rule of thumb is that if you want a nice natural look, apply the stamp once to each cheek. However, if you want a more bold statement, use the stamp twice. This cute stamp is small enough to toss into your on-the-go makeup bag. If you like the blush stamp, you will love the star bronzer stamp and the moon highlighter stamp as well. Check out Kaja’s Cheeky Stamp at Sephora today!

5.  Study Haul Kit by Petite n Pretty

For those of you who will be heading back to school this year or are considered quite studious, you will love the pun and the products in this adorable Pencil holder kit. The Study Haul Kit is a large pencil case that contains a pencil, lip gloss, and clear mascara+brow gel. Consider this the quick makup essentials for everyday schoolwear. So go ahead and pucker up pretty strike a pose for the camera on picture day with this cute and fun back-to-school themed kit by Petite n Pretty available at Ulta.

6. Rose Eye Makeup Brush Set

Rose-themed makeup brushes and other popular cultural-themed brushes are all over Amazon, and we love them. Everything from mermaids to wizards can be found on the website, but these are great eyeshadow brushes with an elegant touch. When I see these, I immediately think of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. These adorable brushes resemble long stem red roses. You can choose between a gold color or a silver. Keep in mind there are other blush and foundation rose brushes that can be found on the website. So if you want to add to this collection, be sure to do a quick search on Amazon or scroll down the linked page for similar brushes.

7.  Violin Lipstick

These adorable designs are both pretty and great collector pieces. The violin is one of several designs you can find on Amazon. The lipstick is said to be a velvety texture that is long-lasting.  This violin is something you would want to put aside to show off or collect. Check out this unique design at Amazon.

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8. Crystal Jelly Flower Lipstick by SuperThinker

These lipsticks are beautiful and add a hint of color to your lips. They claim they are color-changing based on temperature, and they have a lovely design to the packaging. Winky Lux has a similar lipstick that claims it changes colors using your natural PH balance. You can purchase a single Winky Lux lipstick for $16 from Target or their website to compare to this pack of 6 SuperThinker color-changing lipsticks available here. Both the products are beautiful to look at and provide a subtle flush of color over your lips.

9. Revolution x Bratz Limitless Palette

Revolution has teamed up with Bratz Dolls, and it is an adorable makeup collection. This is just one of several available palettes. The limitless palette costs $28 and has several colors in the palette to choose from. The other four palettes are based on different Bratz Doll characters such as Yasmin, Chloe, Jade, and Sasha.  There is also a Bratz Brush set, lip gloss, and a lip crayon available for purchase at Ulta. There are approximately eleven products to purchase, but the glosses and crayons come in various color choices. There is a set of kohl liners, a lip care set, and a liquid liner to add to your collection as well. The brush set comes with a bag, but you can also purchase a bag separately to hold the rest of the items you may purchase from this set. If you were to purchase all the pieces in this collection, you would spend a pretty penny. You are looking at dishing out a little over $300 for the entire collection, but it is a great collector’s piece to have if you are a Bratz fan or enjoy collecting pop-culture-themed items. Remember, you can buy these all as individual pieces and do not have to buy them as a set! You are looking at a price range from $10 to $28 for each product individually, depending on what you are looking to purchase from the collection. Check out all the products available here.

10. Etude X Hershey Kisses

Etude is a South Korean makeup company that has been around since 1985. They recently teamed up and created an adorable collection featuring Hershey Kisses. The quad palettes are currently on sale, and they even have each quad paired with a brush and a pouch. There are lip tints available as well. The current sale they have is nothing to shy away from, and this company does collaborations frequently. The Hershey Kiss quads come in Milk, Almond, and Special as the variant names and color choices. All color choices are stunning and worth picking up. The details added into their pressed powder are cute as well. Little Hershey kisses are pressed into 3 of the four powders in each quad. The last powder of each quad has the word kisses embossed in it. The brushes in each kit match the color of the quad, and if you pick up the set that includes the pouch, each pouch looks like a Hershey kiss, including the kiss paper that sticks out of the top of it. Check out these adorable designs by Etude; you won’t regret it!

There are so many adorable makeup items that come to the market it is hard to choose what to get. Which of the ten above piqued your interest, and what would you like to add to your collection? Why not pick up an item today for yourself or your friends. Remember, beauty is more than just the packaging; it is about what is inside.

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