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10 Adorable Gifts To Get For Your Pet

10 Adorable Gifts To Get For Your Pet

10 Adorable Gifts To Get For Your Pet

Pet gifts are a great way to show your pet how much you love and care for them. If you have a few extra bucks around then spend them on your pet.

1. Smart Dog Collar

Link AKC is a smart dog collar that is basically a smartphone for your puppers. It does require a service plan connectivity to allow data to be transmitted.

It’s an interesting device that sends temperature alerts if your dog’s environment is too hot or cold along with monitoring its overall health.

This can really come in handy in case your dog gets lost or wanders off and you can keep track of vet records and walks you take with your companion.

*10 Adorable Gifts To Get For Your Pet

2. Automatic Cat Litter Box

This is one of those pet gifts that are more for you than for the pet. This unique litter box uses disposable litter trays that provides odor control and more of a hands-off approachable.

It has an automatic rake system that sweeps waste, 2o minutes after your cat uses the litter box, into a covered compartment.

It also comes with safety sensors that will detect if your cat re-enters the litter box before 20 minutes and will restart the timer. *10 Adorable Gifts To Get For Your Pet

3. Dog Cover Seat

Your dog is constantly shedding. This is a fact. I think this lovely dog cover seat could really benefit both you and your dog.

The cover also comes with a complimentary leash/seatbelt in case your pet gets the urge to sprint out the window at a red light or stop sign.

It’s built for comfort and kids as well. More importantly, it’s waterproof, because we all know what happens when a wet dog enters an enclosed space.

Easy to install, easier to clean, and is scratch proof. It sounds like a good combination to me.

*10 Adorable Gifts To Get For Your Pet

4. Interactive Cat Toy

This motorized cat toy is one of those pet gifts you simply have to get. It comes attached with feathers, birds, fish toys for added joy.

It has an automatic obstacle sensor and self-steering if any barrier gets in its way. The LED color changing lamp is there instead of lasers in order to protect those delicate cat eyes.

This toy utilizes irregular steering and multiple colors in order to catch your cats’ attention. It can work consistently for 2 hours and has a USB charging port. *10 Adorable Gifts To Get For Your Pet

5. UPSKY Portable Dog Water Bottle

Chances are your dog absolutely adores exercise and being outdoors. What’s the first thing it wants to do after a long day of playing fetch? My guess is water.

This portable water bottle is an ideal gift for any dog. The sleek design of this bad boy allows you to control how much water is released with only the push of a button which makes it easier both refill and reuse.

The little dip tray allows your dog easy access to sip water from the bottle with getting its mouth all over it. It’s double leak-proof so you no longer have to worry about storing in your bag!

*10 Adorable Gifts To Get For Your Pet

6. Scratching Post Hammock

This adorable scratching post comes equipped with its own hammock. That’s right, your furry little friend can sit nice and snug in this little thing.

It also comes with a detachable dangle toy for added enjoyment. I can’t get over this thing. It just looks so much fun for a cat.

This is one of those pet gifts that make me wish I had a cat. At only twenty-five dollars on amazon, I think it’s a great starter post for your newfound kitty. Buy it or suffer the wrath of a grumpy cat.

*10 Adorable Gifts To Get For Your Pet

7. Petfusion Cat Activity Wall Shelves

This superb interactive design is specifically made to increase the activity of your pet. This is one of the pet gifts that are made solely for the purpose of giving your pet joy.

These solid and secure wall mounts are easy to install and can hold up to 30 pounds of weight. I love this gift for any cat that is incredibly agile and likes to climb and you know, be an actual cat.

I think it’s great because it gives them the ability to perch high, which seems like a natural thing, in order to avoid predators and scout their territory.

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Each mount also comes with sisal pads in order to make climbing and scratching that much easier for your cat.

*10 Adorable Gifts To Get For Your Pet

8. Old Tjikko Automatic Pet Feeder

That’s right, we don’t discriminate. If you have. a smaller pet, such as a bird, hamster, or gerbil, then this might be the gift for you.

This feeder is designed to make your pet’s life easier (as if it were already difficult) and help prevent them from drinking unclean water.

That’s the best part about this feeder, is that you use it for both food and water. If you don’t expect to be home for a few days, then you no longer have to worry about your pet being fed.

*10 Adorable Gifts To Get For Your Pet

9. Dog Stairs

Next on our list for pet gifts are the dog stairs. These are ideal for any owner and pet that like to snuggle together. If you have a smaller dog that can’t quite jump on the bed or couch with you, then this gift is perfect.

These stairs come in multiple colors too, along with removable thread or carpet for added comfort. It’s also a great exercise for your dog because they can never get enough of that.

*10 Adorable Gifts To Get For Your Pet

10. Memory Foam Dog Bed

There’s not much more to say other than memory foam for your dog. But seriously, I always found it a little weird and kind of gross, but hey, that’s your dog. I get it.

However, if you’re like me, but don’t want your dog to suffer on the cold floor, then you should invest in this bed.

I’m sure your dog will be just as thrilled to sleep on this bad boy as they would next to you. I bet your bed isn’t even memory foam. How about that huh?

*10 Adorable Gifts To Get For Your Pet

I hope you enjoyed our list of pet gifts and as always comment down below if you personally like these items or have a better suggestion!

10 Adorable Gifts To Get For Your Pet

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