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10 Adorable Gameday Outfits at University of New Hampshire

10 Adorable Gameday Outfits at University of New Hampshire


We all get that subtle desperation to look cute at our school sports games. Although you may be more than tempted to show up in the same sweatpants you wore to bed the previous night, it helps to dress up a little; after all, your entire school has all gathered together. There will be pictures taken for Instagram, and there is that horrifying chance you may end up on the Jumbo screen. Getting dressed for gamedays may seem like a strangely hard task, but it can be quite easy when you know what accessories and pieces to wear and where to wear them. Comfort and sporty chic is always the way to go when it comes to gameday. Feel free to draw some inspo from these amazing looks for your gameday outfits at University of New Hampshire!

1. Boyfriend Jeans

Never underestimate the power of casual ripped jeans. Boyfriend jeans can change any outfit into something else, even if that outfit consists of a t-shirt and converse. They are comfy and loose (because we all know concession food is delicious) and can be dressed for cold and warm weather.



2. Baseball Hats

These hats have a magical way of making you seem a lot more athletic and cooler than you actually are. Baseball caps are a fool proof way to look fly, block the sun out of your eyes, and cover up any bad hair days. Even if you just throw your hair up in a simple pony tail, adding a baseball cap is a sure-fire way to jazz it up. On top of that, having a baseball cap with your school logo on it shows your team pride. Pair it with a simple t-shirt, skinny jeans, Nikes, and a light weight jacket, you have got yourself a cute and casual game day look.

3. Sneakers

You can never go wrong with sneakers; they are comfortable, you can walk everywhere in them, and they can be a really great piece to wear to game day. Wearing them for something other than working out is a nice and different use for them, and you’re at a sports game, so it’s the perfect environment for them.  My favorite thing to wear with sneakers is joggers; it gives off the casual vibe while still remaining active and sporty.

4. Pom Hat

What is the first thing that pops into your head when you think of game days when it’s cold outside? If you admittedly thought of beanies and pom hats, you are my kind of people. They keep you warm and snug and will keep your hair in place in case the weather gets windy. They add that cozy factor to any outfit, which is exactly the vibe that you should try for game day. Make sure you check out your school apparel store for any pom hats that catch your eye.


5. All Black With Pops Of Your School Colors

Nothing says you mean business like an all black outfit. They are quick to put together and easy to wear, and not to mention, make you look like a million bucks. Jim Gaffigan once said that wearing black was like the bear goggles of fashion, but I like to think it just makes you look good without putting so much effort into your outfit. However, since you are wearing this for game day, my suggestion would be to add some fun pops of your school’s colors. For instance, if your school colors are red, tie a red flannel around your waist or add a baseball cap with your school logo on it.

6. Crewneck Sweatshirts

If you are more of a comfort over style kind of person, I relate 100%. I envy people who can pull off the cozy look while still looking cute. We all know those people, but a secret weapon of theirs is the crew neck sweatshirt. Crew necks are great because they offer the comfort and warmth of a regular sweatshirt, but minus the bulky hood. You can easily pair them with scarves and hats without looking too bundled.

Crew necks add the comfort and causality but still keep the potential for a cute outfit. Pairing it with leggings is a great idea because it can balance you out in terms of having something baggy and loose with something fitting. Complete the look with sneakers and a beanie and maybe a big blanket scarf and you are gameday ready.

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7. Casual Jackets

In the fall, I live in light jackets. They are a great piece to have because they are ideal for layering and can be worn in various temperatures. Jackets are a great thing to wear on game day because they are casual but still make you look a little more dressed up as opposed to wearing a huge sweatshirt and Uggs. I would pair this with leggings and a casual trainer, maybe like a Converse or an Adidas Stan Smith. They give the sporty vibe without wearing actual sneakers if that is not the look you’re going for.

8. Jeans and Plain T-shirt

If you like the easy simple look, then a jean and t-shirt is the way to go for you. People underestimate the power of jeans and a t-shirt probably because people think it will be too plain and bland for them. However, if you change certain elements in the outfit, it can make it that much better. For instance, I always prefer black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. Pairing a jeans and t-shirt outfit with a baseball cap and trainers is a very cute look, that is just the right blend of casual with a lot of simplicity and no bland.


9. Combat Boots

Combat boots are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe and can be dressed for spring, fall, and winter time. If sneakers are not your forte, then combat boots are a great option for you. My favorite pairing for combat boots are with jeans, jacket, a sweater and a scarf (I’m sure everyone else in the world also appreciates this combination). If you liked the more relaxed flow at a sport’s game and are not for crazed fans and mosh pits, this is the look for you.

10. Plaid, Plaid, and more Plaid

Plaid is a timeless pattern and a must in every wardrobe. It’s the piece of clothing you throw on over a graphic t-shirt with jeans and Converse and you are out the door. Plaid adds that little extra to your outfit. You can layer it under jackets, tie it around your waist, or even wear it under crew neck sweatshirts and sweaters with the color sticking out.

Do you have any more fun ideas for gameday outfits at University of New Hampshire? Share in the comments below!
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