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10 Adorable Gameday Outfits at University of Central Florida

10 Adorable Gameday Outfits at University of Central Florida

Deciding what to wear to the game can be a little overwhelming. So, we picked the cutest gameday outfits at University of Central Florida to try out!

Game day outfits can be really stressful to pick out! You want to show school spirit, but want to still look cute. Florida weather can be unpredictable most times and the heat can be unbearable. The rain is another the story. Being prepared, in style of course, will definitely have you looking like the hottest knight. Here is a list of 10 adorable gameday outfits at University of Central Florida to try out when you are getting ready for the big game!

1. Supportive footwear

Don’t be the gal who wears heels, platforms, or sandals that you cant walk in or has trouble standing up. If you’re at a football game, sneakers are always your best option! You can get away with sandals and even wedges at a basketball game. I would be sure to make sure your girls are snug for standing long periods of time and walking around, whichever pair of shoes you choose.

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2.  UCF t-shirt with a twist

Crop tops are a little overrated. As a new student or transfer, you will be tempted to by a crop top that’s about $10 more than a regular UCF shirt, just because of the style. Think about it, you’re getting less fabric for more money. Many girls simply buy a tight UCF shirt and rock it with jeans or leggings. Be daring and tie it a little higher.

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3.  K.I.S.S

Keep It Simple and Sexy! Simply put on your white blouse or button up and pull on your black shorts for a simple look. Make it game day ready by adding gold accessories!

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4.  UCF + PINK

Alright, so a lot of girls are wearing the Victoria Secret and UCF wear. If you have the funds, I would say sport that and rock it to any game. You’re sure to get a look or two.

5.  Name brands

I promise we aren’t materialistic, we just like nice things. Wearing sporty name brands is definitely a trend here at UCF. Not just at a game, but around campus in general. Wearing something with a sporty name brand like leggings, shorts, or a top, will be sure to catch wondering eyes.

6. Over-sized shirts

Guy Harvey, restaurant shirts (shrimp basket), and just large over-sized t-shirts are a go! Yes, I know what I said before about name brands, but this is popular as well. Both on game days and on campus in general, these over-sized shirts with little shorts underneath are definitely acceptable. Sport them with sneakers or converse.

7. T-shirt dresses

Hey all you fashionistas! Love going to game day and NOT watching the game? Well, here is a dress that will help you look super great at the game in all your selfie photos. T-shirt dresses are usually paired with an over-sized bag, dark shades, and tennis shoes.

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8. Old reliable

When in doubt, a plain t-shirt, jean shorts, and plaid sleeves wrapped around your waist will most definitely get the job done in the game day department. My only suggestion, to make it more “UCF spirit”  is to add attention elsewhere. Buy a UCF sticker or fake tattoo and place it on your face, thigh, or arm. If you’re brave enough to wear make-up with the blazing sun outside, use a gold eye shadow or gold sparkly lip gloss.

9. Cutie patootie

I’m sorry, but how could you ever go wrong with a romper? Wearing rompers are one of the three most popular things to wear at UCF and is normal to wear on game days.

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Wear your hair in cute braids! Either one braid or two will do the trick, but if you want more, who’s counting? Girls with braids and shades are so cute. Have short hair? It’s still cute, but if you’re not comfortable, a high ponytail or messy bun is always in style.

Do you have any other ideas for gameday outfits at University of Central Florida? Share in the comments below!

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