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10 Adorable Gameday Outfits at San Jose State

10 Adorable Gameday Outfits at San Jose State

10 Adorable Gameday Outfits at San Jose State

Shout out to all my ladies, who attend SJSU sporting events looking their best! Gamedays absolutely make your college experience, and will be your greatest memories. Make sure you look put together for those fun Insta pics, exciting tailgates, and crazy after-parties. Plus, you never know if that athletic cutie…hmm…(QB: Josh Love) might be staring at you in the stands! Here are 10 adorable gameday outfits at San Jose State to draw some inspiration from! Good luck!

1. Spartan Up

Okay this outfit idea is a no-brainer…our SJSU spirit wear is totally cute, if your style is right! The best part is that you can personalize spirit wear. You can do this by adding fringe, adding cut outs or blinging out your spirit wear. Match your spirit wear with denim for a cute ensemble. Make sure you stay true to your blue, SJSU.


2. Cute & Casual

Have you ever been to a game and it was sweltering at noon and freezing by five? This layered outfit is beyond perfect for those crazy weather days. Simple but so stylish with Adidas kicks, Ray Bans and a softly curled ponytail.

3. Dolled Up

Lovelies, this dress is a knockout ! Staying true with our cobalt blue color, this one- shoulder, dramatic dress is to die for. Wear this with a super cute pair of sandals for the game. And then switch into a pair of heals for hitting up 1st street after.

4. Jerseylicious

To my total fangirls and their fangirling moments! If you have friends on the team ask them if you can wear an old jersey of theirs to show them some love. Or add your own flair to it, be creative. Wear with leggings or shorts!


5. The Off Shoulder Spartan

Obsessed with this look! It’s effortless and just so pretty. And I am so happy to say that this style is here to stay. This article of clothing is easy to dress up or dress down. Absolutely perfect for a game day, especially if you’re hanging out with girlfriends or sorority sisters.

6. Craft

Now if you want to take getting dressed for gameday to the next level; have some fun and put your DIY skills to the test. This is also incredibly fun to do while your making the most of your Spartan pregame! You can find everything you need at the local Walgreens.


7. Miss Daisy Duke

Oh heyyy there girl! Now on those hot summer days, these shorts are an essential must-have. (If you go to SJSU, you already know this!) Just think of how tan your legs will get…

 8. Greek Life

My sorority gals! Don’t be afraid to rock your sorority shirts at the game. Pledging is no walk in the park, so wear your gear with pride to the game.

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 9. Accessorize Or Spartanize

There is nothing more fabulous then these Spartan accessories. Jazz up any outfit with these adorable bows and show some Spartan Spirit!


10. Tie it All Together

Remember that you’ll probably need to bring some personal items with you too! From sun screen to cash, and don’t forget your ID. Make sure to finish off every outfit with the perfect cross body bag because they’re light and easy-to-function, but most importantly, they’re fashion forward.


Do you have any more fun ideas for gameday outfits at San Jose State? Share in the comments below!
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