10 Adorable Gameday Outfits at Michigan State University

Even though MSU gamedays seem like years away, there’s never enough time to find the perfect outfit, so why not start now? It’s a priority to look insta-ready at every tailgating event because you never know when someone is going to snap the perfect candid of you and your friends. In East Lansing, the more you stand out, the better, because that means you are willing to show your Spartan spirit in the boldest ways. There are countless adorable outfits that can be seen around East Lansing on gameday, so narrowing it down is nearly impossible! Instead, here’s a list of 10 adorable gameday outfits at Michigan State University to give you a little inspiration for your next look!

1. The Mom/Dad/Kid Look

This style has been making its way around campus in some of the most creative ways! Never did you think that clothes you would be buying for you parents as gifts would be the ones you are actually buying for yourself! Make your family proud in your mom, dad, and kid look around East Lansing on gameday.

2. The Oversized T-shirt/Dress

What’s the big deal with everyone not wearing pants on game day? The answer is that it’s awesome, and if you need to brave the cold, maybe change that T-shirt into an oversized sweatshirt for added comfort and warmth!

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3. The Cheerleader

Almost every little girl dreams of being a cheerleader, so why not make that dream come true in college? These cheer skirts are one of the most popular looks on gamedays, and you can easily pair them with DIY cropped sweatshirts, shirts, and knee high spirit socks.

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4. The Striped Overalls

There’s something about slipping on green and white striped overalls before a cold 8 a.m. tailgate, especially since they provide warmth and comfort. You can layer up underneath and still look Spartan ready in these cute and spunky overalls.

5. A Team Jersey

There is nothing like throwing on an MSU jersey and walking to the nearest tailgate to show your Spartan pride! It doesn’t even need to be a football jersey! As long as it’s a sport at MSU, it’s acceptable for cute gameday attire.

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6. Printed Leggings

Can you count how many Spartys are on these leggings? Well if you can, you should wear them, and if you can’t, you should still wear them. They are fun, different, and quite bold. People may stare, but you will know that you are showing off your Spartan pride to the max!

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7. Tie-dye Sweatshirts

Do you have an old white MSU sweatshirt that could use some revamping? Have a DIY tie-dye day and take that old sweatshirt and make it something new. This look will slowly become one of your favorites because you will never have to throw out your old looks, all you have to do is make them new again.

8. Opposing Team Pun Tops

All of us here at MSU know how much fun it is to make up slogans about the other team, especially when you can make them into a cute top and wear it on game day! This shirt can be paired with almost anything that green and white and that’s what makes it perfect for gamedays.

9. DIY Tops

All you will need for this top are some scissors and creativity. There are hundreds of ways to cut up a boring MSU top and make it tailgate ready, and it will be your one-of-a-kind look for the day.

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10. The Bomber Jacket and Beanie

Everyone knows Michigan’s weather is unpredictable, so when it gets cold, break out a cute green and white bomber jacket and beanie and make it your look of the day! You will be fashionable and warm, and honestly those are the two most important things on those cold November game days.

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Do you have any more cute ideas for gameday outfits at Michigan State University? Share in the comments below!

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