10 Adorable Gameday Outfits at University of Colorado at Boulder

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Waking up on a Saturday morning during the fall in mountainous Boulder, Colorado every buff has one thing on their mind, “what am I going to wear to today’s tailgate?!” Luckily, there are so many looks out there to help you look as spirited as Ralphie herself! So pull out your black and yellow gear because you are about to enter the gold mine of buff gameday outfits!!

1. The overalls/shorteralls look!

This outfit is ideal for nearly any weather! If it’s chilly just throw a cute sweater under and if it’s warm throw on a pair of shorteralls with a tube top under for one of the best gameday outfits!

The best gameday outfits for your tailgate.

Sooo you and your friends weren’t quite cut out for the cheer squad but still love the uniform? You can rock it like Ralphie anyway in a super adorable cheer skirt that matches nearly any top!

The best gameday outfits for your tailgate.

3. T-shirt dress, I think yes!

What college girl doesn’t love a comfy and cute outfit This is your time to be lazy ladies-but on the low key, as your will look completely put together in your cute, little dress!

4. Crop that basic CU T!

You know that T-shirt your mom bought you when you toured CU that you probably turned into a PJ top? Why not put it to use as one of your gameday outfits! Ask your roomie for inspo if you need it and turn it into the cutest T-shirt in your closet!

The best gameday outfits for your tailgate.

How is a professional tailgater supposed to look cute when it drops below 40 on gameday? Just pull out your favorite sweater, a beenie, and leggings/jeans and roll with it!

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