10 Adorable Gameday Outfits At U Miami

10 Adorable Gameday Outfits At U Miami

It’s that time of the year at University of Miami and whether you’re looking for a typical school day outfit or a gameday outfit, it always involves something with a dash of orange and green. Here are some of my favorite gameday outfits at U Miami!

1. Yoga pants and a bandeau.

Nothing says comfort quite like a pair of yoga pants! If you’re looking to stay comfy under that scorching¬†sun all day long, yoga pants and a cute Miami bandeau will be your go to outfit!

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2. Tatted Up.

Sport some U Miami face stickers on the big day! Even if you’re just wearing a t-shirt and shorts, these stickers will instantly dress up your look!


3. Sassy and sporty.

Show your hometown team pride with a witty t-shirt! Accessorize with some knee high socks and denim shorts.



4. T-Shirt and Tims.

Give off that cool girl vibe with a pair of Tims and a cute bandana to pull your hair off your face since you’ll (most likely) be sweating under the sun say!




5. Go Green.

Have some fun with your look and play around with makeup! Show off your pride with some green lips and a Miami jersey.



6. Dress up for games.

Who says you can’t wear a dress to a football game? Opt for a jersey dress or even an oversized t-shirt or jersey that you can turn into a dress!

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7. The Cheerleader.

One of the most popular gameday outfits is the cheerleader! All you need is a cheerleader skirt and you can accessorize it however you’d like!


8. Overalls.

Overalls have become a very popular option for gamedays! They’re perfect for keeping cool and comfy all day long. You can add a bandeau or a t-shirt under your overalls and you’ll be good to go!

 9. Trendy and chic.

Let your hair do the talking with this one! Stick to U Miami colors like black, orange, green or white and finish off your look with a super cute french braid look!



10. Back by popular demand.

This highly popular selection and back by demand outfit can be paired with a nude blush, brown matte lipstick, and a pinch of green glitter.


Do you have any more ideas for cute gameday outfits at U Miami? Let us know in the comments!

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