10 Adorable Gameday Outfits At The University of South Carolina

If you are a University South Carolina Gamecock, you are well aware of the post football season depression that comes around a few times a year. If you are a girl who loves to tailgate more and more every year, you are even more aware of the excitement of the endless possibilities of outfits that can come with the new football season! Here are just a few of us lady gamecock’s favorite outfits to strut our “cockiness” around in that go way beyond the tradition black dress and cowboy boots. Below you’ll find 10 gameday outfits at the University of South Carolina!

1. The New and Improved LBD

This dress may look like your typical LBD, but it is so much more than that. With the right accessories, shoes, and game-day pins these little black dresses turn can go from day to night so quickly which is perfect for a gamecock win!

gameday outfits at the university of south carolina!

2. The Sweatshirt

This is something definitely new and necessary to be done in the colder months of football season. Regardless of the weather, however, these sweatshirts are super cute and can be cut and styled to flatter any figure.

gameday outfits at the university of south carolina!

3. The Witty T-Shirt

This is a huge favorite because they have only been getting more and more creative as the years go by! Whether it’s Muschamp’s face on a simple bandeau or your favorite gamecock t-shirt cut up as crazy as the game-day itself, these t-shirts show off not only our gamecock pride, but also that we might the leading school in all things game-day!

gameday outfits at the university of south carolina!

4. The All-Black-Everything

The only things better than game-day, is a black out game-day! The easiest day to try to make your craziest outfits out of one solid color and dress it up with as many garnet accessories as necessary, or to show off your favorite statement piece and make it stand out among the sea of black-out that is the tailgate lots.

gameday outfits at the university of south carolina!

5. The  Jean Skirt

The jean skirt is a classic that can be paired with almost any top and still standout! This gives us girls more room to mix and match colors and tops without worry because of the jean skirts neutral ability to play for any team.

gameday outfits at the university of south carolina!

6. The ANYTHING BUT a jean skirt

This one speaks for itself. The jean skirt may be a staple, but who says all your flirty downtown skirts can’t be worn during the day, especially game-day! If you stick to the garnet, black, and white color scheme the world of game-day outfits is truly is your oyster.

gameday outfits at the university of south carolina!

7. The Most Fun Shorts

Who doesn’t love their favorite pair of high-waisted jean shorts? But what is even better is your favorite pair of shorts with your favorite football team patch worked onto them! These super cute shorts (and the top) are designed by a very own gamecock whose items can be found on her Instagram page ‘kiss my_patch’ so check her out!

gameday outfits at the university of south carolina!

8. The Cheerleader Skirt

If you are wondering if these are really a thing? They most definitely are and we are in love with them! How much more supportive of your home team can you get than dressing up like one of their very own cheerleaders? They are not only fun, but super comfy and make you feel like you belong on the sidelines!

gameday outfits at the university of south carolina!

9. The Many Shoes

Cowboy boots are a classic and a staple item of the SEC, but the best part of the evolution of gamely outfits that we are seeing are the shoes! Converse, vans, even over-the-knee boots can all replace the cowboy boots for those who might not be into the totally, over-the-top southern thing.

gameday outfits at the university of south carolina!

10. The Accessories

Stickers, home-made necklaces and bracelets, scrunchies, the possibilities are endless when it comes to accessories! When you just can’t find anything to wear who says you can’t just do a big t-shirt or jersey with some super fun pieces to spice it up.

gameday outfits at the university of south carolina!

So let the countdown till gamecock football and outfitting planning commence! I have the utmost faith in the ladies of USC to make even bigger statement and show off their creativity and pride for their gamecocks this upcoming fall, and the college football/ tailgating world will be waiting and watching to see what we can do next!

What are your favorite gameday outfits at the University of South Carolina? Let us know down below!



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