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10 Adorable Disney Films You Need To Watch With Your SO

10 Adorable Disney Films You Need To Watch With Your SO

Disney films are the perfect romantic and cheesy night in you and your significant other need in your lives. From princesses to pets, Disney captures the magic and puts you right in the middle of it. Write your own love story and inject some classic feels into your evening, these top 10 films will be the adorable date night you both need to get cosy, and the beauty is you can make your night a fairy tale too.

1. Lady and the Tramp

After her owners have a baby Lady’s comfortable life gets taken away in a flash. After some tense scenes she meets the tough stray Tramp. The classic scene of sharing spaghetti is just one of the moments you’ll be feeling the love through this movie, but their many differences and upbringings threaten their blossoming relationship. 

This is one of the most romantic family animations you will ever watch – if you haven’t watched it, you should. Its cheesy in all the right ways. If you have watched it – you should watch it again. There is nothing cuter than dogs, and dogs falling in love, well that’s a film we can get on board with.  One of the most perfect films for you and the love in your life to snuggle up to. Why not even try the spaghetti trick?

2. Beauty and the Beast

A vain and arrogant prince gets curse by an old lady to live as a beast until he can break the spell by finding his one true love. After Belle, a unique young girl, tries to save her father from being captured in the beast’s castle, she forms an unlikely friendship with the creature. The clock, teapot and candelabra all sing and dance to their forming love story. Will Gaston, Belles cocky suitor win her heart, or will the ferocious beast?

Whether you watch the original animation or the modern live film, they are perfectly the same. You’ll sing, laugh and cry to this magical film. However unrealistic the plot may be, you can escape the busy world and surround yourself with a tale as old as time. Every girl wants to be Belle, her name stands for beauty, but you can’t forget about the handsome prince. This one is a definite add to the long list of must watch Disney films that you and your partner should watch.  

3. Monsters Inc

The largest scare factory in Monstropolis – Monsters Incorporated homes James P. Sullivan, one of its best scarers. Along with his team-mate, room-mate and best friend Mike Wazowski, they form the perfect scare-pair. When a scare goes wrong, they meet Boo, a tiny human who soon gets trapped in monster world. The monsters do everything they can to find her door and get her home safe. 

Not every film has to be cringe and romantic. This film is one of the best and most classic Disney-Pixar creations they are. Whether you are Mike, Scully or Roz the miserable receptionist slug, you are guaranteed to laugh and get attached to this film. Even better there are follow on films to binge watch after this one. What more could you ask for – monsters and cuddles from your love?

4. The Lion King

The tragic death of Simba’s father means that he has the right to be King, but his immature and young ways mean he isn’t quite ready. He flees his kingdom and learns the true meaning of what it is to be brave and responsible, while making some great friends and falling in love on the way. 

Sing your heart out to this classic Disney film, by far one of everyone’s favourites. Who doesn’t love ‘Hakuna Matata’ and ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’. Follow Simba on his emotional journey to find himself and find the love between you and your S/O shine while watching this amazing film. Learn to despise Scar and adore Pumba while you eat plenty of movie time snacks. Plus, the live version is coming to cinemas soon, date night?

5. The Parent Trap

Twins Annie and Hallie were separated after a messy break up between parents, one lives in London and the other the USA. Soon the girls meet at a camp and decide to swap identities to meet and fool their parents into getting to know them, but this isn’t as easy as it seems. 

Those who know what it’s like to have separated parents can definitely relate to these two girls in this classic Disney film. Trying to parent trap your Mum and Dad was a must for anyone growing up in separate homes. Hopefully, after your Disney date night you won’t be separating with your S/O, you’ll be celebrating the love like the happy ending of this film. 

6. Princess and The Frog

Set in New Orleans, Tiana tries to accomplish her and her fathers dream by setting up her own resturant. But her dreams are cast aside when the evil Dr. Facilier turns Prince Naveen into an amphibian, who mistakes her for a princess. Through twists and turns a magical adventure, the frogs learn that being human isn’t all you need to be happy. 

The Princess and The Frog was one of the first Disney films to be set in America who didn’t star a white male lead. This film takes on the deep south American culture and will have you singing and dancing – and even trying to make Gumbo. A perfect classic love story for you and your partner.

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7. Toy Story

1,2,3 and now 4, whatever one you choose to watch it will have you questioning if your old toys and teddies really do come to life when you close the door. Follow Woody and the gang on their adventures in each film, and better yet you can make the night last a lot longer by binge-watching all three films before treating your love to a cinema date to see number 4. Warning: it might make you cry, take some tissues.

8. Aladdin

What couple hasn’t sung their hearts out to ‘A Whole New World’? This perfect legend will set the magical Arabian Night and will have you hysterically laughing along with the Genie. Jasmine will give you ultimate girl power and you can secretly crush on Aladdin while you sing along to this musical. Although a classic Disney Princess film, there’s something special about Aladdin, it’s middle Eastern magic will leave you in awe – TOP TIP: the live version is just as good, another excuse for a cinema trip?

9. Finding Nemo

We love a Disney-Pixar collab here and Finding Nemo was the perfect outcome of the two geniuses. Follow Marvin the clown fish on his journey to try and find his only son Nemo, who was captured by humans in Australia. The emotional tale keeps you swimming and introduces you to some of the most famous Disney characters ever made. 

Following on from this film, there is Finding Dory, but, you could go one step further and book a snorkelling trip to see the real life Nemos’ and Dorys’. Disney is great for a night in, but the things that it inspires you to do are even better. 

10. Peter Pan

Are you a Tinkerbell or a Wendy? Find out when you fly to the second star to the right and go to Neverland. Mermaids, Pirates, Crocodiles, fairies, boys who never grow up, this film is every child’s dream, but its even better to watch on date night. All you need is a little ‘faith, trust and pixie dust’ to have a magical evening with your other half, and its got things for all genders to love and relate to – a truly amazing film. 

Comment below your favourite Disney film, and share with someone you know who might need a little help with their date night. 

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