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Adorable Christmas Card Ideas You Should Send Out To Your Friends And Family

Adorable Christmas Card Ideas You Should Send Out To Your Friends And Family

It is almost that time of year – the most wonderful time of the year! You guessed it, it’s almost Christmas time! With Christmas peering its head just around the corner, it is time to prepare for the season. In preparing for the season, part of the fun is figuring out what gift to give everyone and alongside that what kind of card to send out to your friends and family. This is no easy task. Every year you want to top the level of cuteness that you reached the year before. These adorable Christmas Card Ideas are ones that are sure to lead to smiles across your family’s faces. There is a type of card for every type of person. Whether you want a card with your family plastered on it, a simple card, a hand-made card, or even a funny card – this list has got it all! So, allow me to help you juggle one thing on your Christmas to-do list to make the holidays less stressful and more cheerful. I am sure that one of these Christmas Card Ideas is sure to pique your interest and be just the right choice for you, your friends, and your family.

1. Make It Yourself Cardboard Tree Card

This Cardboard Tree Card cannot be purchased, but it can be made by following the easy steps found on the website: This website tells you what supplies you need and give you a step-by-step rundown on how to make the card. This card is perfect for if you want to send out something heart-felt that you put time and effort into.

2. Minted – Joyful Nutcracker

The Joyful Nutcracker Christmas card from Minted is a beautiful card choice to send out to your family and friends. You can customize this card to display your last name which will help to make this card feel more personal to the people you choose to send this card out to. Of all the Christmas Card Ideas, I think that this one is the most elegant, simple, and classic. I can imagine this card being placed up on top of the mantle and it resembling Christmas decor rather than just a Christmas card.


3. Etsy – Winter Trees Hand-Painted Card

The Hand-Painted Winter Trees Card can be bought on OneLittleStarDesigns store on Etsy. This card is simple and unique. You can even use this Christmas Card Idea as inspiration to make a hand-painted Christmas card of your own.

4. Minted – Merry Stripes Card

The Merry Stripes Card on Minted is adorable and customizable. The candy cane stripe design is one that screams holiday cheer and is sure to make the receivers of this card smile. If the candy cane stripes aren’t enough to fill them up with that Christmas joy, then the picture of you and your family that you place on the front of it definitely will! Sending out a card with your family’s picture on it is such a good idea because it allows your friends and family to feel more connected to you. It also allows you to have a keepsake and whenever you look back at this card you will remember what Christmas 2020 felt like and looked like.

5. Etsy – Cat Christmas Card Packs

The Cat Christmas Card Packs from the Etsy shop PurposeandWorthetc is perfect for friends and family members that love quirky artwork. The Cat Christmas Card Packs come with Christmas cards that depict cats causing Christmas calamity like a cat tipping over a Christmas tree. There is also another card where it shows a cat getting all tangled up in the Christmas lights. For those who love animals and find humor in these kinds of things, this card is the best for spreading Christmas cheer to them.

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6. Urban Outfitters – Fleece Navidad

This card from Urban Outfitters is both funny and cute. The pun that is on this card is sure to make your friends and family smile. Also, let’s face it, that sheep is just so stinkin’ cute too. This is one of those Christmas Card Ideas that are trendy too. Puns are always in style whether we like to admit to ourselves or not. If someone says the right pun at the right time it is undoubtedly found to be either really clever or really funny. This Christmas card idea has it all and it would be a safe one to send especially to the younger crowd if you want to ensure that they will enjoy your Christmas card.

7. Zazzle – Retro Vintage Christmas Lady

The Retro Vintage Christmas Lady card can be bought off of the website Zazzle. The card is perfect for the older generation who will appreciate receiving something that harkens back to their younger days. The artwork will send them down a trip to memory lane and they will most likely remember all of their past cherished holiday memories. This card is also perfect for those who just love retro artwork. Some people feel as though they were born in the wrong generation and for those that wish they could step into the 1950s-60s, this card is just the thing. Mix in the fact that traditional Christmas decor and art are something timeless, nostalgic, and beautiful and you can see why this card could easily be a favorite pick. This card from Zazzle also allows you to add-in text so you can make this card as personalized as you would like it to be.


8. Etsy – You Light Up My Life Christmas Card

The You Light Up My Life Christmas Card from the Etsy shop Quagorsky is so adorable and heart-felt you literally cannot help but say a little “aww” to yourself once you see it. The cartoon-ish design is simple but the artist really managed to make these intimate objects unbelievably adorable. The sentiment that goes along with the card is also super endearing. Tell your friends and family members that they too are lighting up your life in the way that the Christmas tree lights up the present’s life by giving them this cute Christmas card. This is also a Christmas card that the kids are sure to love.

There you have it! The most adorable Christmas Card Ideas that this year has to offer. Which of these Christmas Card Ideas did you gravitate towards the most? Which will you be sending out this year? Let us know down in the comments below!

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