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Adjusting To College Life As Told By Weird Stock Photos

Adjusting To College Life As Told By Weird Stock Photos

Adjusting to college life the first few weeks of freshman year can be overwhelming to say the least. Here are some stock photos to sum up that stress!

Some might say getting there is the hardest part, but sometimes getting through a rough beginning of your freshman year is more difficult. This is adjusting to college life through stock photos that are weird af.

When you first arrive, you introduce yourself to all kinds of new people.

Shaking their limp, clammy hands can be tough. Actually, the worst.

The worst.


The roommates that are obsessed with each other

The people in your hall are usually pretty nice, but there’s always that one pair of roomies attached at the hip, like the twins from The Shining. 

Try catching them apart. You can't.

You’re gonna have to get used to the STEM requirements, too.

Physics 100 was never going to be a cake walk, but you expected it to at least make a little sense.



They blinded you with science.

As for the beds, well…

They have character. That character just doesn’t lend itself to a good night’s sleep.


Syllabus after syllabus

Your first few lectures are overwhelming, so you decide to just roll with it even though you’re drowning.

She looks happy.

Your body isn’t used to all nighters and 8 ams

You have to stay awake and engaged even though after that all-nighter you feel like a reanimated corpse.

We've all been there.

The procrastination kicks in

Sometimes, the best thing to do is chill out and watch Netflix— that is, until it’s four in the morning and you realize you’ve finished three shows and zero assignments.

And now that you've finished all those shows, you have no excuse to procrastinate anymore. Maybe your room needs cleaning.

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Trying to stay organized is impossible

So you try to acquire some time management skills.

It doesn't work.


Going to office hours doesn’t make things any clearer. Your professors might as well be speaking Greek.

Or lovingly cradling an abacus.

Things can seem to get a little overwhelming the first few weeks of freshman year, so don’t forget to give yourself some room to breathe and have fun!

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