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Additional Skincare Items That You Need To Add To Your Skincare Routine

Additional Skincare Items That You Need To Add To Your Skincare Routine

Skincare routines are a must nowadays. They keep your skin happy, healthy, and overall extremely glowy. But while a simple skincare routine that consists of a facial wash and moisturizer is essential, there are a ton of other products out there that you could be adding to your skincare routine in order to enhance your skin’s health and give it an even brighter glow. While there are hundreds of different skincare products out there to choose from, I’m here to tell you just the ones you should actually pay attention to. Here are some additional skincare items that you need to add to your skincare routine!


If you have actively avoided toners your whole life because you heard the were irritating and drying to the skin, you have definitely been misinformed. Toners add a certain level of hydration to your skin and is essential in ensuring that your face has a nice and healthy shine to it. While older toners tend to have had alcohol in them, the newer designed ones that you should be using are completely alcohol-free. There are hundreds of different toners on the market that target every kind of skin concern you may have, such as your skin is too oily, too dry, or both.

Adding a toner to your skincare routine can also help anyone suffering from an abundance of acne and wants to do something to get rid of it. This skincare item helps due to the acids, glycerin, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories within it that also removes dead skin cells. Just give your face a good spritz with it after you wash your face with your cleanser. After toner, just apply your moisturizer and you are all set to go! Amazing, right?

Additional Skincare Items You Need To Add To Your Skincare Routine

Antioxidant Serums

If you don’t know what a serum is, let me give you some details about it. This is yet another product you can use after cleansing your face and before putting on your daily moisturizer. Serums are designed to target certain skincare concerns and prevent unwanted wrinkles, blemishes, and honestly almost anything you can think of skincare wise. Serums were invented with the intent of giving your skin active ingredients that does their best to prevent aging and lackluster skin. There are several different serums out there that target different skincare concerns. A lot of them come with vitamin C for those with acne concerns, vitamin E for those whose skin damages easily, green tea oil for those with dull skin, and hyaluronic acid for those that need a little more moisture in their lives.

A word from the wise, though. Don’t try and use too many at the same time. Incorporating multiple serums into your skincare routine can throw your skin’s PH balance out of wack and make you regret buying all of those products. While most serums tell you how many times a day you should use it, using one serum to target a specific skincare concern and waiting to see results before applying another serum on top of that is really the best way to go. Trust me.

Additonal Skincare Items That You Need To Add To Your Skincare Routine

Eye Cream

I know what you are thinking: isn’t eye cream basically just another word for moisturizer? While putting facial moisturizer under your eyes would make you think that, eye creams are actually way different but in the best way possible. For someone with dark circles on their eyes, this product has truly been a lifesaver. After applying my facial moisturizer during my skincare routine, applying eye cream after it has done me so many wonders. Eye cream is designed specifically for that delicate skin around your eyes and helps to soften those lines and wrinkles we tend to see after a long day of moving our gaze about. They also help reduce those incessant dark circles and puffiness after not getting a good night’s sleep. If you happen to have any of these skincare issues, then try out some eye cream!

Additonal Skincare Items That You Need To Add To Your Skincare Routine


Sunscreen is one of those things that we should never be afraid to use, even when there is hardly any sun outside. The sun, as fun as it is to be in, is not a friend to our skin. In fact, some would say that it is our skin’s worst enemy. The sun’s rays will cause your face premature aging by giving you wrinkles if you don’t take the time to protect it with light and skin-friendly sunscreen. That, and you raise the risk of giving yourself skin cancer if you’re out in the sun without protection for too long and too often. If that isn’t incentive enough to wear some sunscreen, I don’t know what will be!

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Additonal Skincare Items You Need To Add To Your Skincare Routine


Facial oils are probably my favorite thing to put on my face after just finishing my skincare routine. Since oils are the heaviest out of all of the skincare items out there that you can add to your skincare routine, they should be put on last. Oils are designed for anyone that needs that extra hydration, regardless if you have dry or oily skin. I myself have oily skin, and while that may seem like an incentive to avoid putting more oil on my face, oils actually work by balancing out the excess oils on our own faces and gives it that much needed rejuvenation! Trust me when I say these little bottles of goodness will seem like magic.

Additonal Skincare Items You Need To Add To Your Skincare Routine

Skincare routines can be a little complicated if you don’t know where to start. While everyone should know the basics of a skincare routine, such as knowing you should wash your face every day and night, then follow it up with a moisturizer, there are plenty of people out there that aren’t aware there are other skincare items that will help keep your skin healthy and happy. There are plenty of products out there, but this article is here to tell you just what you need and how to use them. What did you think of these additional skincare items? What products do you incorporate into your own skincare routine? Let us know in the comments below!

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