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Add These Things To Your Night Routine For A Better Mindset In The Morning

Everybody knows that life can get super busy and hectic without us realizing it, that is why it is super important to make sure you unwind at the end of the day before going to bed. Doing this will not only ensure you get better sleep, but you will also guarantee you will have a better mindset in the morning. Here are 16 things you can add to your night routine for a better mindset!

1. Cut Out Caffeine After 3:00pm

We all know how amazing coffee is, but it is super important for caffeinated drinks to not interrupt your night routine. Cutting out any caffeine after 3 pm will better ensure that you are able to relax and fall asleep in order to have a good night’s rest. In case you didn’t already know, caffeine stays in your system for up to six hours, meaning that you will be jittery when you want to go to bed! Opt for non-caffeinated beverages or simply just water after 3 pm, or after 4 depending on when you want to aim for going to sleep. 

2. Put Your Phone Away

It is super difficult to stray away from our phones, especially before bed. However, we advise you to take a moment to appreciate your parent’s advice and remove your phone from your night routine. Not only can social media and other aspects of our phone cause us stress and anxiety before bed, but the blue light of the screen also will not help your eyes and mind relax when trying to go to sleep. 

3. Create A Hygiene Routine

Hygiene is a crucial part of anyone’s night routine, which is why you should make sure to create a step-by-step hygiene ritual to follow each night before you go to sleep. This includes washing your face, moisturizing, brushing your teeth, and even adding in your own personal preferences for hygienic self-care such as face masks or taking a hot bath. 

4. Prepare Your Things For The Next Day

This next step to add to your night routine will practically guarantee that you will have a better mindset in the morning: Preparing for the next day. Laying out your outfit, makeup products, and even preparing your backpack or purse for your activities the next day will give you a reason to thank yourself in the morning. That way, you’ll feel ready to get things done for the day because everything is set for you to motivate yourself!

5. Reflect On Your Day

An important thing to add to your night routine is self-reflection; by reflecting on your day you are allowing yourself to be more consciously aware of what made your day better or worse, therefore helping you figure out what you need more or less of in your days. This will also allow you to reflect on what you accomplished that day or what you are proud of, pushing you to continue working at the same pace the next day or to improve on anything you felt you did not do well that day.

6. Figure Out Tomorrow’s Schedule

Figure out what tomorrow’s plan will look like to continue on the component of your night routine that will boost your productivity for the next day, thus providing you with a better mindset to start your day. Writing down what you know you’ll have to accomplish the next day, as well as figuring out how you’ll schedule out the timing for everything, may be the best way to go.

7. Journal Your Gratitudes

You should always take time in your night routine to take a moment to not only reflect on your day but also your life. Journaling is an amazing way to not only calm your mind down before bed but to also reflect on the things in your life that you feel grateful for. Reminding yourself of these things or people for which you are grateful will help you have a serene and pleasant mindset before going to bed, which will then carry over into your morning mindset.

8. Go To Sleep At A Reasonable Time

We know how difficult it is to wind down and go to sleep early, especially when all we want to do is scroll through Tik Tok or binge shows on Netflix. However, I think we all also know how important it is to add a reasonable bedtime to our night routine. Our morning selves will be grateful to our night selves for allowing us to obtain a full night’s sleep before embarking on another busy day.

9. Tidy Up Your Room

Another component you can add to your night routine to make your next morning self happy is to tidy up your room. It can be super easy to create a mess in your room throughout the day; whether it be us trying to find an outfit or doing a lot of homework on our desks. Being sure to at least tidy up your room just a little bit before you go to sleep will make you feel much better in the morning to wake up to a nicer, cleaner room. 

10. Read A Little

Reading is something we all secretly want to add to our night routine but somehow can’t bring ourselves to actually sit down and open one up. However, it’s time for us all to finally do it because reading before going to sleep is the perfect way to slow and calm our minds and bodies down to make us sleepy and ready to hit the pillow. It’s vital to remember that there are millions of books in the world; we can assure you that there’s something for everyone, even those who swear they’ll never read a book!

11. Try A Guided Meditation

Meditation may not be for everyone, but we encourage you to try adding this to your night routine at least once to see how it goes. This is guaranteed to help you calm your anxieties before hitting the hay, relax your body, and allow yourself to feel put together before bed. There are many different types of meditation, ensuring that there is one for everyone even those who feel they could never sit still. 

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12. Drink A Calming Tea

For those of you who don’t think you can completely cut out drinking something before bed from your night routine, we encourage you to opt for a calming and non-caffeinated tea. Teas such as lavender or chamomile will help you wind down and allow you to feel a sense of calm before getting into bed. We recommend not drinking your tea right before bed unless you want to be interrupted from your REM sleep by having to get up to use the bathroom!

13. Eat A Filling Dinner At A Good Time

This one may be part of your earlier night routine, but we strongly recommend that you eat a filling dinner at a good time depending on when you are hoping to go to sleep. It is never a good idea to overeat before going to sleep, which is why you should try eating a few hours before going to sleep and opt for small snacks before bed if you are hungry. In order for a better mindset in the morning, it is all about doing everything possible to get the best sleep, which is why it is important to keep an eye out on when and what you are eating for dinner.

14. Set Your Alarm

This may seem like an obvious component of a night routine, but what is important about setting your alarm is that you want to try setting it at a similar time each day. Starting your day off early has been proven to increase productivity and a healthier mindset; however, it is not easy for everyone to easily get up early. That is why you want to start practicing by making sure to set an alarm every morning and to try to keep a good rhythm for when you are waking up. 

15. Listen To Relaxing Music Or A Podcast

Another thing you should add to your night routine that will ensure you have a better mindset in the morning is to listen to calming music or to a podcast that interests or relaxes you. That way, you may unwind and relax your mind and body, allowing you to have a good night’s sleep and a positive mentality in the morning.

16. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is always an important aspect throughout the day, but sometimes we forget to continue drinking water during our night routine. Of course, we don’t want to be chugging down a lot of water right before we go to sleep, but it is still important to keep hydration in mind. We also recommend leaving a full water bottle beside your bed so that you wake up in the morning and remind yourself to start drinking a lot of water. The water itself will already be enough to boost your mindset in the morning.

Add these 16 things to your nighttime routine to ensure a better morning mindset; you’ll thank yourself when you wake up! What does your night routine look like? Let us know in the comments below!

Olivia Plotkin

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