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Add These Songs To Your Work Out Play List To Get Motivated

Add These Songs To Your Work Out Play List To Get Motivated

If you need more workout playlist songs, we’ve got you covered. From songs for cardio, pilates, lifting, and warming up there’s one on this list you’ll love. Whether you’re heading to the gym or working out at home, changing up your playlist is a sure-fire way to add that spark of motivation you’ve been lacking.

1. Do Ya Thang – Leo Soul

This is a work out playlist song that will boost your confidence at home or in the gym. The fast-paced rhythm makes it perfect for keeping pace in your weight lifting set. With a bit of a throwback vibe to the early 2000’s rap, you’ll get into your element. Just a forewarning this might be a work out playlist song that’s better listened to in headphones as opposed to out loud. 

Add These Songs To Your Work Out Play List To Get Motivated

2. Go Stupid – Polo G.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to work out to rap songs, this is one workout playlist song you need to add ASAP. The energy of this song might just encourage you to lift a little heavier for this set. It’s a workout playlist song that can get you hyped in the gym and outside of it so turn it up a notch and really get into your zone. 

3. Cross Me – Ed Sheeran

Who would have ever thought the heartfelt and sweet red-headed musician would give us the pump-up song we needed in the gym? We picture this song as the workout playlist song that’s perfect for boxing or spinning. It’s a cardio song perfect for keeping rhythm and sweating through some issues. Let the dreamy voice of Ed Sheeran and the accompanying verse of Chance the Rapper inspire you to work harder. You just know that song is written specifically for you so put in the work to prove it. 

Add These Songs To Your Work Out Play List To Get Motivated

4. Deeper Love – Henry Parsley

Minimal lyrics make this the perfect go-to for your next work out song playlist if you aren’t a big fan of lyrics. This dance-heavy rhythm makes this a great song for a solo turn on the spin bike or finding a room for your own Zumba routine. Don’t let lyrics distract you as you focus on the burn and energy you feel flowing through your body. The short two and a half minute song is ideal for the hardest part of your workout so you can really push yourself. Match the pace of the song and sprint out your workout. This work out playlist song will leave you feeling motivated for round two before you know it. 

5. What’s Poppin – Jack Harlow

This new  2020 song has the perfect slow and fast-paced combo makes it the best work out playlist song to add to your lifting routine. It’s rhythm and lyrics let you get lost in the song and you won’t even notice the burn. The slower rhythm means you can use this as the song to get you motivated while you lift your lighter set before you move on to the heavier lifts. The soft accompanying piano in the background offsets the more aggressive parts of the song making it addicting and one you’ll want to listen to on repeat. 

Add These Songs To Your Work Out Play List To Get Motivated

6. One Man Can Change The World – Big Sean

The lyrics are what make this song the one you’ll want to add to your work out playlist. It’s a slower song but listen to the words during your warm-up stretches to put yourself in the right mindset. It’s a work out playlist song you didn’t know you needed, and at first listen, might not have been one you added, but you won’t regret it. The message is clear: don’t give up on yourself. That’s a mantra you’ll always want playing in your head at the gym. 

7. Sugar Boom Boom – Downer

The mellow pace of this song would be perfect for a bodyweight or pilates based workout. Not only do the lyrics talk about the hypnotizing power of women, the chorus really adds a punch that can be perfectly timed to specific moves. This work out playlist song offers a versatile rhythm so you can fit it into your preferred workout routine. Honestly, this song even works as motivation on the way to the gym it’s your pre-warm-up song that makes you feel powerful and invincible. 

Add These Songs To Your Work Out Play List To Get Motivated

8. Broken Ones – Ft. Anna Clending Breathe Carolina Remix Illenium

The constant base rhythm makes this an ideal work out playlist song for a spin bike climb workout. You’ll be able to set a base pace that will challenge you throughout the song. Not to mention when the base drops, it’s the perfect chance to up that weight and dig into the rhythm. Make those legs burn. It also serves as a great song for a fast-paced bodyweight workout those ones meant to get your heart rate up and burn your muscles out. Overall, you’ll want this work out playlist song on the cardio track to ensure a quick and solid burn before your workout is through. 

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9. Jungle – X Ambassadors

Now, if you need to punch out some stress on the bag, this is what you need to add to your work out playlist. The grungey voice makes every punch more powerful and the deep drum base makes it perfect to pair up your jab, hook, drop, uppercut routine, and keep on rhythm. Matching the beat will push you to your limits and not allow you to slow down even when you’re feeling tired. 

Add These Songs To Your Work Out Play List To Get Motivated

10. Happier – Breathe Carolina Remix

The remix of this previously slow song will get your motivation up and your body moving. After hearing the first beat of this song there’s no denying you’ll be making it part of your workout playlist. The remix makes this ideal for the more cardio-intensive workouts as the fast-paced rhythm will keep you going and working hard. Put it on repeat and watch it quickly become your most played workout playlist song. You’ll hit new PR’s with this in the background to cheer your on. 

11. Pound The Alarm – Nicki Minaj

Can you think of a more inspirational artist to cheer you on during your workout? Nicki owns every part of herself and will remind you to as well. The fast-paced song belongs at the top of any of your workout playlists. If you need some motivation to get through leg day, you’ve just found your favorite workout playlist song. Make a challenge for yourself and hold a squat for the entirety of the base drop starting every time Nicki says pound the alarm. You’ll want to sound the alarm when you walk out with jello legs but feeling like you’ve just taken over the world. 

Add These Songs To Your Work Out Play List To Get Motivated

12. Dooms Day – Bastille

The angst in this song and steady rhythm would be the perfect background for slow purposeful weight lifting or bodyweight workouts. The song talks about changing the entire world by completely destroying it. Talk about music to bring out your inner rebel and kick-ass spirit. You’ll want this as your next work out playlist song when you need some extra energy to finish your reps. Be prepared to fight during the doomsday after listening to this song on repeat and getting toned in the gym. 

What’s the song you always listen to to get motivated at the gym? Share below for your fellow hard-working babes to enjoy. 

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