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Actors And Actresses Who Are A Nightmare To Work With

Actors And Actresses Who Are A Nightmare To Work With

Celebrities are notorious for having gigantic egos. Sometimes these egos can rub people the wrong way. There are countless stories of celebrities throwing temper tantrums when things don’t go their way. Here are a few celebrities who have built up a representation for being hard to work with or just downright bratty.

Mike Myers

When people think of Mike Myers they probably think of goofy, fun-loving characters such as Austin Powers or Wayne from Wayne’s World. Although the characters portrayed by Myers might seem like happy go lucky goofballs, his off-stage antics have made him a co-stars nightmare. Many actors/actresses and film crew workers refuse to work with Myers due to his insane demands and fits of rage.

Myers is known to be a control freak on set. If he doesn’t agree with even the smallest thing such as costume design, Myers will blow up and take his frustration out on fellow actors or coworkers. It apparently got so bad on the set of Wayne’s World that the director had to give him an assistant to deal with the abundant number of demands Myers had. The funnyman also tends to be a bit of a diva on set. It is said that Myers had an assistant that’s sole purpose was to follow him around and feed him chocolate out of Tupperware on the set of Cat in The Hat.

Mike Myers’s antics might be due to the amount of success he has had in the past. The fame Myers has accumulated might have made him so arrogant that he believes he is above everybody. This could be the reason we haven’t seen Myers in a movie in quite a while as well. Hopefully, Myers will get off his high horses soon and start acting like Wayne and a little less like Shrek.

Actors And Actresses Who Are A Nightmare To Work With

Val Kilmer

It has been well documented that Val Kilmer is hard to work with. There are plenty of examples of Kilmer belittling co-workers or refusing to work due to onset disputes. One of the earliest cases of this is when he walked off the set of a commercial at just 12 years old. Kilmer’s on set antics continued to get worse as time went by. In fact, many of the directors who have worked with Kilmer in the past have very few kind words to say about the aging action star.

Kilmer is said to have a “my way or the highway” mentality. On the set of Batman Forever, director Joel Schumacher constantly argued with Kilmer about the film’s direction and production. If Kilmer didn’t like the way the film was going, he would throw a fit and insult everyone around him. Schumacher later went on to say Kilmer’s actions were “childish” and “inappropriate.” He was even fired from the movie The Island of Dr. Moreau after only 3 days due to his on-set antics.

Actors And Actresses Who Are A Nightmare To Work With

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez’s diva-like behavior has been common knowledge among Hollywood for some time. Even before she broke out into acting, J-Lo’s behavior for being needy was infamous. Lopez has a list of demands that she requires to be met even before signing a contract. Her diva complex along with her terrible attitude has cast quite a scene on many different occasions.

As stated before, Jennifer Lopez requires an insane number of things before she even considers signing a contract. She must have a private jet available to her no matter where she is, She requires that she stays at the most luxurious hotels along with her entourage, and wants hotel maids fired on the spot if they ask her for an autograph. It has also been reported that Lopez can be extremely mean to people around her. Jennifer Lopez also tends to mistreat people around her. When she remodeled her San Fernando Valley home in 2012, she demanded that none of the construction workers speak to her or even make eye contact with her! She also refused to let her ex-boyfriend Alex Rodriguez talk to any women under the age of 40 while they were dating. There are many more examples of Jennifer Lopez’s ill behavior but judging by these actions alone, it is no surprise many Hollywood elites label J-Lo a diva.

Actors And Actresses Who Are A Nightmare To Work With

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf is no stranger to controversy. Rather LaBeouf is fighting with fellow actors and actresses or boasting how great he is on social media, he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. Sometimes it is hard to tell if his actions are publicity stunts or just part of his larger than life personality. Regardless, Shia LaBeouf is known to rub his coworkers the wrong way.

In 2013 LaBeouf got into a fight with Alec Baldwin on the set of a Broadway play. Baldwin explains that LaBeouf carried himself like he was better than everybody else. He would treat other actors like dirt. LaBeouf would often say how much of a better actor he was compared to his costars. He was later fired from the play after publicly insulting Baldwin and eventually attacking him.

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This wasn’t LaBeouf’s first fistfight with a co-star. It was reported that he also got into it with Tom Hardy on the set of Lawless. It is uncertain if his method acting style plays any role in his scuffle with Hardy. That being said it is extremely unprofessional for someone of that caliber to act in such a childish way. Lucky the 2 actors worked things out in order to finish the film.

Actors And Actresses Who Are A Nightmare To Work With

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl has been labeled as one of the most difficult actresses to work with ever since she became a mainstream success. She has bad-mouthed costars as well as her films multiple times. There are a fair amount of Hollywood stars and directors who refuse to work with her. This has taken a toll on her career since many people refuse to cast her in big-budget movies. She has had a few less than stellar films come out recently but is mainly acting in commercials nowadays.

Heigl’s break out role was in the hit television show Grey’s Anatomy. She was considered for an Emmy for her work on the show in 2008 but refused because she didn’t think the writing was good enough. As you could of guess this did not go over very well with the Grey’s Anatomy writers. She has since apologized but continued to criticize her later works.

Heigl went on to criticize her movie Knocked Up as well. She deemed the movie “sexist” and didn’t like how her character came across in the film. She also went on to criticize the script which was written by co-star Seth Rogen and director Judd Apatow. This sparked a feud among the 3 which was resolved years later. On top of all this, there have been many cases where Heigl will talk smack about actors and actresses behind their backs but be nice to their faces. There have even been a few occasions where she would refuse to leave her trailer if she did not get her way. Needless to say, many people grew tired of her bad behavior which has resulted in a bit of a career dive.

Actors And Actresses Who Are A Nightmare To Work With

With so many egotistical and entitled actors/actresses out there, it would be difficult to mention all of them in this article. Feel free to tell us some others the comments below.

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