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5 Activities You Can Do This Fall Other Than Take Basic Pictures At The Pumpkin Patch

You may be thinking, “but I want to take basic pictures at the pumpkin patch…”. But there are in fact MANY other Fall activities you can partake in without feeling like you’ve wasted the season. Here’s our favorite list of things to dive into come September.

1. Take basic pictures at literally any park

So it’s that time of year again, and you’re craving that red/orange/yellow color combo to flood your Instagram. Luckily for you, it’s not JUST pumpkin patches that have that beautiful aesthetic to them. Literally, every park will have the same effect on your feed, minus the pumpkins. The leaves are falling, the air is crisp and that scarf that’s been in your closet for a year has never looked better. Head over to your nearest park and have a picnic, throw a ball around, or just take cute candids kicking some leaves around, you won’t regret it.

2. Fall crafts!

Feeling creative, are we? You’d be surprised with how much you can do with a couple fallen leaves, some Mod Podge (glue for crafts), and some free time. Get the creative juices flowing and make some mason jar candles and gluing leaves on the inside for a beautiful shade to the flame. Maybe make a bowl for your keys at your front door by Mod Podge-ing some leaves together.  Another good idea is to simply gather up some pinecones and paint them the Fall colors and scatter them across your place. Whatever it may be, make your house a bit more seasonal and buy some pumpkin-spiced candles to get in the mood and get crafting!

3. Tailgate at your nearest football game

If you’re not into baseball or golf, the latter half of the summer has been a sports draught for you. FALL FOR THE RESCUE! Come September and October we got the NFL, NHL, and NBA all starting up again. But in the US of A, what sounds like more fun than a football tailgate? Drive down to your nearest NFL stadium, or college campus if there’s none near you, and join in the festivities with some beer, some chili, and some good vibes! You’ll be having a blast in no time and meeting some new friends of whatever team you decided on the way there to bandwagon for the night. GO PATS!

4. Host a pumpkin carve-off

Ok yes, you got me. This one IS pumpkin related, but much more fun than actually going to the pumpkin patch! Bring your friends over to your place, or preferably your friends place so your place doesn’t reek of pumpkin guts for the rest of the week and have a carve-off! Whether its as simple as a happy face or you go hard and decide to turn your whole pumpkin into a highly detailed Deathstar only to reenact it being destroyed, have some fun with it and go out for some pie afterward.

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5. Get baking

Or instead of going out for pie, bring the pie to you! Slap on your favorite apron with that cheesy saying on it (“if at first you don’t succeed…order a pizza”) and get baking. Apple pie, pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin seeds, the list goes on. You can do it yourself, or do it with friends, either way, you’re going to have a good time doing it and eating it. I guarantee if you bake delicious treats, your parents or roommates will not be disappointed, and even if they are they will lie and say it’s delicious anyway so it’s a win-win!

These are our favorite Fall activities! Let us know in the comments what yours are!

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Grifyn McErlean

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