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10 Activities You And Your Roommate Can Bond Through

10 Activities You And Your Roommate Can Bond Through

Whether it’s the beginning of the school semester and you’ve just met, or you’ve been living together for years now, you and your roommate (or roommates, if you’ve got more than one) could always use some fun things to do together! Here are a list of ten activities you can really start to bond through. 

1. Go On A Shopping Trip 

Plan a trip to the nearest mall or thrift store! You can pick up some cute new items for your shared living space! Picking out decor is a lot easier, and much more fun when both of you are present to give your opinions and compare prices. If you want to have a more chill time, hit up your favorite shops, swap items, try on clothes, and share opinions with one another. Shopping trips can last for hours, so tie in a stop for lunch or a fashion show haul at the end of the day to show off your new purchases, and you’re all set!

2. Attend A Campus Event Together

Whatever university you go to, there’s no doubt there’ll be a million different campus events planned every single week. Find something both you and your roomie are interested in attending, and head there together! Check the bulletins in your dorm buildings or emails you might get from different organizations to see if there’s a sporting event going on, or a play that’s being put on. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone a little bit, and experience something new together.  


3. Grab The Weekly Groceries 

You’ll inevitably have to pick up some cooking supplies or bathroom necessities at the grocery store this week, so might as well go together! Make a fun little event out of it, taking time beforehand to jot down a list of what you’ll buy, go over the budget, and consult each other on your favorite brands of snacks. Don’t forget to grab your reusable bags on the way out, and you’re all set to jointly head out into the daunting world of supermarkets. 

10 Activities You And Your Roommate Can Bond Through

4. Cook Or Bake Something New

Since you’re both living on your own, likely for the first time, it seems like the perfect opportunity to dip your toes into the world of recipes! Whether it be cooking a full on fancy dinner, or just baking and decorating holiday cookies, you and your roommate can bond (and learn to use your kitchen appliances) through attempting different recipes. If you’re feeling up for it, try having a themed night, and cook dinner according to that. Or invite some friends over and turn up the music while you wait for everything to bake. Have fun with it! 


10 Activities You And Your Roommate Can Bond Through

5. Rearrange The Furniture In Your Home

It’s good to change the things in your life up every once in a while, and your decor and furniture is no exception! If you and your roommate have a free afternoon or weekend, spend it leisurely rearranging things! Put up some new posters, change the position of the couch, clean out the fridge- anything! Having things set up differently can give both of you a fresher, contrasting perspective. It’ll make the room feel special and new. Try to do this regularly, like a tradition for you both. 

6. Have A Movie Night

My roommates and I have started movie night traditions, and it’s one of the best decisions we ever made. We keep a list of films we want to show each other, and cross them off whenever we have a free weekend night. Alternate between recommendations, be sure to purchase an abundance of snacks, dim the lights, get cozy with some blankets, and turn your phones off. If you’re feeling up to the challenge, or happen to have a lot of extra time, you can even find a new Netflix show to binge. 


10 Activities You And Your Roommate Can Bond Through

7. Workout Together

Motivate each other to get out of the house and get your body moving. You can head to the campus gym for something a little more structured, or just go for a walk or run down the nearby streets. You can work out a certain route or pick a specific workout routine together. Having both of you (or if you’ve got various roommates, more of you to make it more exciting) around for things like working out can be extremely motivating. 

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10 Activities You And Your Roommate Can Bond Through

8. Plan A Roommates Study Date

Even if you’ve got completely different majors and extracurriculars, you will both inevitably need to study. You can obviously take time to study in your room on a regular basis, but it’s always good to change it up a bit. Plan to leave your home and study somewhere different, maybe in the school’s library, at a friend’s dorm, or in the fresh air. Grab some coffee, or turn it up a few notches during final’s week. Motivate each other to work harder and learn more!

10 Activities You And Your Roommate Can Bond Through

9. Check Out A Nearby Eatery

Restaurants, coffee shops, and fun new trendy eateries are always popping up around campus. Check forums for student discounts, which are always useful and available. This way, you can really expand your food horizons and have something other than your usual picks. Experiment with different price ranges, spices, chain and local restaurants, and desserts. You can make a list of your favorites, the ones you want to revisit, and the places you definitely don’t want to order from again. There’s nothing more bonding than food!

10. Don’t Forget To Check In With Each Other

While at college, times are sure to get stressful. Even if you’re living with someone as longtime roommates, you might not always be aware of what’s going on in their life. If you want to create a proper sort of bond with your roommate, even if you’re not the greatest of friends, make sure to periodically check in on one another. Try to offer support and advice whenever necessary, and surely they’ll do the same for you. 

As long as you really take the time to talk to your roommates and really communicate with each other, you’ll be able to brainstorm different activities so you can eventually get that roommate bond going and strong!

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