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6 Activities To Relieve Stress

Stress is inevitable in this world! I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but it is true. This year alone, we as a nation faced some of the most difficult times in the this last decade. I can’t speak for anyone else but I for sure had a spike in my anxiety. This nuisance has been on the rise ever since our lives changed back in March. I’ve tried different remedies to help me cope and I’ve found a few that has helped me gain more control over myself. 

It is not easy to always keep your cool under pressure, more so when this pressure has changed your life around. It is important to remember to take hold of the things that are within your grasp. I know, I know it isn’t easy to remember that under the strain of stress. This list here will hopefully kick start your journey into kicking stress out of your life. 


Painting has been on the rise with the rediscovery of Bob Ross and his soothing approach to the art. I, myself started painting after seeing a few episodes of his. This activity helps lower your stress by engaging your imagination while you create something beautiful. I’m telling you, painting is one of the best activities to walk in my life as an adult. 

We so easily forget these things as adults because life comes at us full force. It’s important to keep the child alive within us because life’s situations can alter us in that way. Taking a few or even one day out the week to paint can help ease the stress and get you focused on something creative. There is no need to buy expensive tools or feel like you need to be a modern Picasso. This activity is strictly to relieve stress by increasing those imaginative juices and setting you in a peaceful atmosphere. 


Stress is something that I struggle with and as a result it has pushed me to writing! I have journaled alot of my experiences that has caused me stress and grief. This tool is a great outlet for people who tend to bottle up those feelings. For various reasons people clam up and go into a shell. Some don’t trust people, others just feel insecure and so on. Writing is telling it all without having a mouth to repeat what it heard! 

This has kept me releasing unwanted stress and pressure in the comfort of my own space and keeping it there. I want to reiterate its for those who struggle with talking! It is suggested for everyone but if you can talk about it, talk about it! Perhaps do both! Another cool concept about writing things down is that its like a record keeper. I’ve glanced over old writings, seeing how far I’ve come as an individual. Best time keeper in the business! 


Exercising has always been associated with the lowering of stress. This activity increases the endorphins in our bodies also known as the happy hormones. It doesn’t take alot of time to do an effective routine that will help you physically and mentally. In fact, its recommended to start with 10 to 15 minutes daily. The feeling of seeing results also gives you a boost of good energy because you see your efforts pay off.

Don’t look at it as a chore but a hobby. The good thing is there are lots of various forms of exercise. You can take boxing lessons, do a pilates class, start swimming and so on. Don’t limit yourself to just one form but always practice safe and precautionary measures.


Therapy is another great stress reliever I live by! I’ve been going to counseling for three years now and I have to say it has helped tremendously. I stated before I used to bottle everything up and once I made the step to go to therapy it helped me open up more. This process isn’t always easy, quick or painless but it is worth the risk! We know therapist are being paid but to have someone who is non biased and trained professionally is a great relief to me. 

This ensures your deepest thoughts and problems stay within your session. I’ve also found by attending therapy, through talking about things out loud, it brought me to my own revelations. This is a self initiative process so that means you have to be the one to take that step INTENTIONALLY! 

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Reading is another great stress reliever. This gives you an opportunity to educate and entertain yourself while relaxing. It is something about reading a book that calms the mind. There are tons of books in the world, I’m sure enough to read you into a forever sleep. I love to read the Bible and things that deal with our spiritual selves. You can choose any genre of books but choose the ones that soothe you rather than trigger you.

It will also be a good thing to keep a record of all the books you’ve read. You can recommend them to friends and family or use it as a story telling tool as well. I’ve sat with both family and friends telling them about interesting books I’ve picked up. Don’t be afraid to lose yourself in someone else’s words. This might be the only appropriate time to do so!

Spending Time With Loved Ones

This pastime is taken for granted quite often but in a time of need this is crucial. When we are stressed, its easy to isolate ourselves from people because we are up to our heads in stress. Its important to surround yourself with the ones who care about you and make you laugh the most. A simple hug, joke or time spent can make a big difference in your mental health! 

Keep the doors open for them to come and help remedy you back to health. I’ve felt this myself and still is appreciative of them for being my support system. We all have our own problems to deal with but we make time to be someone’s smile when they aren’t capable. That’s the power of love!

What activity do you do to relieve stress? Which on the list interest you? Do you have an stories of activities helping you through? Let us know in the comments below.

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