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7 Activities To Do If You’re Dateless On Valentine’s Day

7 Activities To Do If You’re Dateless On Valentine’s Day

Finding yourself dateless on Valentine's Day this year? Don't sweat it. Here are seven activities to engage in to make your night one to remember.

Just because you’re dateless on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you can’t still have a fantastic night! Look, if we could run across the beach into our own arms, we would.  Here are 7 activities to do if you’re dateless on Valentine’s Day.


Turn a boring night in into a night filled with self-care.  Turn your own space into a classy spa and watch your worries float away as couples stress over where to go and what to buy each other.  Pair a bottle of wine or champagne with face masks, nail polish, bubble baths and anything else that will make you feel relaxed and content.  Candles and your favorite Netflix show never sounded better.  And maybe a little bit of chocolate.

7 Activities To Do If You’re Dateless On Valentine’s Day

Visit The Move Theaters

Grab anyone you can find who is also dateless on Valentine’s Day (you shouldn’t have to look too far) and visit your local movie theater together.  There’s usually a ton of cheesy Valentine’s Day movies that come out around the Holiday to choose from.  However, you don’t have to take this route, scary movies and action films are never out of the question.  Movies are also great to get your mind off of things and distract while entertaining your brain.  Also, bring your bigger purse and smuggle in some munchies and alcohol, but don’t say we told you so.

7 Activities To Do If You’re Dateless On Valentine’s Day

Hit The Bar

No shame and no judgement! This is probably the first instinct of most people who are dateless of Valentine’s Day so don’t even think about feeling embarrassed because you aren’t alone in this! What better way to drown out those annoying feelings of loneliness than with your favorite wine, beer or mixed drink.  And who knows… maybe you’ll meet another single there and get to talking.  The possibilities are endless with this Valentine’s Day activity.

7 Activities To Do If You’re Dateless On Valentine’s Day

Book A Spa Session

If you are like me and don’t have the time or knowledge to pick up all of those trendy face masks, oils and lotions… take the easy way out and book yourself a night at the spa, because well, you deserve it.  It’s best to book your spa appointment in advance because spas do get pretty busy around and for this holiday.  Visiting a spa is the perfect way to express just how much you love yourself. Who needs a couple’s massage anyways?

Take A Workout Class

Not only will you be bettering yourself, getting out of the house, AND kicking some major booty, but also getting out any of the dateless on Valentine’s Day frustrations you may be having.  Any type of workout scientifically allows the brain and body to release negative endorphins and emotions, but I suggest something with a little more ‘umph’ than just running on the treadmill or climbing stairs for 20 minutes.  Try a kickboxing or boxing class this Valentine’s Day and get all of those frustrations out and walk out happier.

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Girls Night In

Calling all the single ladies! Movies, wine and pizza, please! Nothing cures the dateless on Valentine’s Day blues quite like talking and laughing with your closest single girlfriends who are sharing the same feelings toward the holiday as you are.

7 Activities To Do If You’re Dateless On Valentine’s Day

Visit A Pet Store

Nothing cures the blues quite like animals.  Feel the love this Valentine’s Day from a new furry friend. How could you even be sad while cuddling a cute puppy or cat?  Most pet stores have no problem with visitors wanting to play with the animals they have for sale.  Visiting shelters is also another great option and activity to engage in if you find yourself dateless on Valentine’s Day.

7 Activities To Do If You’re Dateless On Valentine’s Day

Know of any other great activities to try if you are dateless on Valentine’s Day? Spill in the comments below! Single ladies unite!
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