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5 Activities To Do At UA When Football Season Ends

The time is almost upon us again. Where football season ends at UA, another activity must begin. So what are you to do when the time of year for what is largely considered our sport at this campus comes around? Let’s take a look at some other events that can keep you going till the next football season!

1. Gymnastics

If you don’t regularly keep up with many UA athletics other than football this may come as a shock to you. We are champions at other things too. Specifically when it comes to UA gymnastics. UA is typically known to kill the game and it would be no less expected for the 2020 gymnastics season to go great as well.

The UA gymnastics schedule begins to ramp up as soon as second-semester hits. That means the post-football season. So instead of sitting around looking for something to do go support the Tide at Coleman Coliseum! 2020 home dates are already posted.

The Alabama Crimson Tide gymnastics team is one of only six teams to win a national title. They have won six NCAA championships and eight SEC championships. Oh yeah, and an NCAA record-breaking 32 regional championships. If you’re looking to continue the Tide’s winning streaks in all athletics make sure to go out and support them this 2020 season!

2. UA Basketball

Okay, so I can’t say that all Tide athletics can be champions every year but these games are still really fun to watch! UA basketball takes place in the same arena as UA gymnastics. You guessed correctly, Coleman Coliseum. The Tide basketball season has already begun and is a great pastime as we roll into the spring semester.

Alright, fair enough, I lied! UA women’s basketball is currently ranked number one in the southeast. That’s right, so get out there and show your support! If you have friends that don’t go to UA you should feel no need to apologize. This is where legends are made, so we really can’t help it!

So we haven’t won it all, yet. There is always great potential at the beginning of every season to go the distance. I’m not saying that the fans can make or break a team but you should do your part because things are looking up this year! There’s always fun halftime activities and plenty to do at Coleman Coliseum so head out with some friends and make a day out of it!

3. UA Intramural Sports

We’ve talked a lot about watching sports but have you thought of participating? Intramural sports are an activity that takes place at UA year-round and when you can’t watch anymore, do! It’s extremely simple. Just get your team together or ask to join a team, pay the university registration fee, and boom you’re set up for a fun activity in the upcoming semester.

UA does a great job of giving the option of leagues for intramural sports. This means there’s a men’s, women’s, and co-recreational league offered for each sport. So get all of your friends up and active this semester. UA recreation offers ultimate frisbee, flag football, volleyball, and soccer!

If you’re thinking to yourself, “I know sports but I don’t really play them”, then you’re in luck. Wanna watch your friends and peers battle it out for supremacy and get a little extra money in your pocket? You can sign up to officiate intramural leagues. Simply go to the UA recreation website and apply! 

4. UA Trips and Clinics

Don’t think that just because it gets chilly out when football season ends that you can’t still enjoy the outdoors. UA recreation comin’ at ya once again with some boredom extinguishing activities. What I need you to do is go to the UA recreation website, click outdoors, then click trips and clinics. Boom, a list of outings and clinics and their dates.

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They do every type of excursion! If you want to get out but aren’t sure where to go just take a look at their page. They list everything from hiking excursions to sunset paddleboarding. There’s no excuse not to make use of these fantastic opportunities.

You can sign up straight from the UA recreation website. The fees associated are located right next to the listed activity or clinic and the date of the activity. Yes, unfortunately, it does still cost a bit of money. However, unless you’re going on a backpacking or camping trip everything is reasonably priced and well within the affordable outing range!

5. Star Gazing?

This one may have caught you off guard but I promise it’s not as cheesy as you think. Every month the department of physics and astronomy lets the rest of UA in on its monopoly on the heavens. Just kidding, but they do allow public viewings of astronomical events with those who actually know what they are talking about. More than that you get the opportunity to view these events through their array of telescopes! 

Stargazing is an age-old activity and ancient civilizations did it all the time. What would your ancestors say now if they could see you and your opportunity to gain knowledge over the heavens? Lucky for you! These events usually take place at night at around seven o’clock.  There are two locations that alternate which is Gallalee Hall, right here on UA campus, and Moundville Archeological Park. Information on dates and times can be found at There is no sign-up required simply show up!

One of the best things about this activity is that it is completely free, see I knew I’d find something on this list that was. There is also a host or guest speaker for every event night to explain what exactly you are looking at. So grab some friends and head out to see the stars, or maybe a lover, could be romantic? You do you!

Whether you’re looking for a new sport after football season ends or just flat out bored, we hope you make use of some of these interesting activities! Comment your favorites below!

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