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10 Acne-Fighting Products That Promise to Work

10 Acne-Fighting Products That Promise to Work

Everyone needs help fighting acne. Although we all have that one friend whose skin is always unexplicably and annoyingly clear, most of us need all the support we can get. Whether you have long-lasting cystic acne or just the occasional hormonal break-out, we hope the 10 products below can aid fighting away your pesky breakouts.

1. CORSX Acne Pimple Master Patch

Although it may sound off-putting placing sticker directly on your face, I promise these are amazing! They aim to speed up the healing process of acne while also absorbing the pimple itself onto the sticker. I often wear these if I’m at home during the day and see a drastic difference in size and redness of the pimple after a few hours. I also will admit that it’s oddly satisfying to see what comes off onto the sticker when you take it off, and it certaintly proves this product works. These little guys fight off acne quickly and at a low price. They are definitely worth a try.

10 Acne-Fighting Products That Promise to Work

2. Glossier Solution Exfoliating Skin Perfector

Glossier has quickly grown its popularity in the skincare game and it’s understandable why. The Exfoliating Skin Perfector works to gently rid of dead skin in order to reveal a newer, softer complexion. Revealing new skin helps to reduce pores and redness, lessening the chance of getting a new pimple and helping to fight off the current ones. This stuff is great for any skin type as it does not over-dry nor does it leave the skin oily. Extra bonus: this stuff is vegan and paraben free!

10 Acne-Fighting Products That Promise to Work

3. Thayers Alcohol-Free Witch Hazel Facial Toner

Thayers With Hazel is a staple for anyones skincare regimen. Its gentle and soothing nature feels good on the skin and helps to reduce inflammation and redness around acne. This product is perfect for people with dry, senstive skin, as it does not over-dry, yet its┬ánatural ingredients also help to balance skin’s complexion, fighting off acne. If you find that this product works for you I highly recommend checking out Thayer’s other products too!

10 Acne-Fighting Products That Promise to Work

4. Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment Body Wash

Acne isn’t always on the face and sometimes your body needs help fighting it too. Neutrogena’s body wash is affordable and fights acne on the body directly with salicylic acid. The fruity grapefruit scent also leaves you smelling amazing. I reccommend only using this product a few times a week, however, as it can be drying with excessive use.

10 Acne-Fighting Products That Promise to Work

5. RAYA Camphor Astringent

This astringent is ideal of oily skin. Camphor is a natural pain reliever derived from trees that helps soothe acne. The product also contains bacteria-fighting ingredients like lemon juice and aloe vera. The soothing and bacteria-fighting properties of this astringent help to dry up pimples without irritation. I use this product everyday and it has worked wonders for my acne. I definitely recommend trying this astringent out.

10 Acne-Fighting Products That Promise to Work

6. Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Daily Cleansing Pads

Glycolic acid has recently become a popular ingredient in skincare products and for good reason. It works at removing dead skin cells to reveal fresh new skin and clear pores. These pads are perfect for daily use as they do not over-dry and keep your skin healthy and new. However, glycolic acid, though wonderful, can increase your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. So, if you decide to give this product a try, make sure that you have a good facial sunscreen to apply after using these pads.

10 Acne-Fighting Products That Promise to Work

7. HUM Nutrition Skin Heroes Pre + Probiotic

Not everything you do for your acne is related to what you use on your face. A lot of it actually has to do with what you put in your body and as a result, your overall gut health. HUM Nutrition makes various vitamins and supplements, a lot of which intend to improve skin. This product in particular wants to balance the bacteria in your gut in order to improve complexion naturally. It can be taken with or without food and is said to give results in 4-6 weeks. While this isn’t an “overnight” miracle product, it does aim to provide long-term results both internally and externally.

10 Acne-Fighting Products That Promise to Work

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8. Differin Adapalene Gel 0.1%

If you’re looking for a spot treatment to fight acne Differen Gel is a great option. It is an FDA approved prescription-strength retinoid. Retinoids are important in treating inflammed, broken out skin. Differin is also alcohol free and a water-based gel, so it doesn’t dry your skin out quite as much as other cream-based spot treatments.

10 Acne-Fighting Products That Promise to Work

9. The Body Shop-Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Mask

Everyone loves a good face mask. This one is great because not only does it make you look like Shrek for 10-15 minutes, it also helps clear your skin. This mask is 100% vegan and its main ingredient, tea tree oil, is a known fighter of acne. Tea tree oil works naturally to reduce redness and inflammation. It also helps to heal acne scars. This mask is definitely geared more towards those with oily skin, but if used sparringly, it can be a great product for anyone fighting acne.

10 Acne-Fighting Products That Promise to Work

10. Clinique Acne Solutions Liquid Makeup

Fighting acne can be difficult if you can’t just stay at home with pimple patches or a face mask on. Clinique’s Acne Solutions foundation contains salicylic acid that helps to fight your acne all day while covering it up as well. So whether your heading out for work our on a date, your covered and being treated at the same time!

10 Acne-Fighting Products That Promise to Work

Acne is difficult for anyone dealing with it. I hope that the products above can be helpful. I also suggest figuring out what your skin type is before investing in products, whether you are oily, dry, or combination. It’s also important to remember that drinking lots of water and eating healthy–fruits, vegetables, cutting down on processed foods–all of these can improve your skin in addition to using products.

Tell us your favorite acne-fighting products in the comments below!

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