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ACL Music Festival Essentials

ACL Music Festival Essentials

ACL Music Festival Essentials

Austin City Limits Music Festival is two fun weekends in Austin, Texas that are packed with amazing music from several different artists!

If you’re planning on going you’ll need to think about what you’re going to bring along with you for the long hot days under the Texas sun. Here are all the essentials you’ll need to ensure that you have a great time at ACL Music Festival!

Hydration Pack

Staying hydrated is very important at ACL Music Festival! You’ll be out in the sun all day so it’s important to keep sipping water throughout your time at the festival. You can get these cute Camelbak hydration packs online and then fill them up at the water stations inside the festival grounds!


P.S. Be sure they’re completely empty before you go into the festival so you’ll be allowed to bring it in with you!

Get Your Pack Here:


Cute And Comfy Sunnies

At ACL Music Festival you’ll be in the sun for a while. That’s why it’s important to grab some cute sunnies that will protect your eyes from the sun while you enjoy listening to your favorite band live!

Make sure they fit comfortably so they won’t bother you throughout the day. It’s also great to get a cheaper pair like the ones shown below just in case anything happens to them after the sun sets while you dance the night away!

Grab Your Sunglasses Here: 


Drawstring Bag

Backpacks aren’t allowed into the ACL Music Festival grounds but smaller drawstring bags are! Just make sure they don’t have any pockets and are the correct dimensions. Click here to read more about which bag sizes are appropriate.

The drawstring bag shown below is perfect because you can throw your phone, id’s, and whatever else you have inside. Not to mention the adorable sequins!


Grab Your Pack Here: 

Comfortable Shoes

Comfortable shoes are probably one of the most important ACL Music Festival essentials! Converse are a great and classic choice, and they come in several different colors so you can get the ones that’ll match your outfit perfectly.


Get Comfy Converse Here: 

Sunscreen Lotion

Because you’ll be out in the sun for several hours (usually this festival starts at 11 a.m. and goes till after dark) it’s important to stay protected with some great sunscreen! You won’t be allowed to bring aerosol cans into the festival, but you can bring in lotion.


SunBum is a great choice and it’ll protect you from the suns harmful rays that shine down on you during the festival! Be sure to reapply every few hours and when you’re done you can throw it back in your cute drawstring bag.

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Get Your Sunscreen Here:


Light Blanket

ACL Music Festival lasts a long time and you’ll probably want to sit down and relax in the grass! That’s where this adorable blanket comes in.

It’s great to get a cute and light blanket that you can easily roll up and put into your drawstring bag and also unroll on the grass. The blanket shown below is perfect because it’s just the right size as well as being super cute and comfy!


Get Your Blanket Here:

Portable Phone Charger

Having a portable phone charger at ACL Music Festival can be a lifesaver! You’re probably going to be there for a long time so it’s so nice to have a small portable charger to keep your phone charged.


That way you can keep in touch with your festival friends and you’ll always be able to get some great videos for memories without having to worry about your phone losing too much battery!

Get Your Charger Here:

From comfy shoes to an adorable drawstring backpack, we’ve got you covered with all the essentials you’ll need for ACL Music Festival. Let us know how it goes in the comments below!

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