Accessorize Your Easter Look With These Pastel Pops

Easter and springtime are all about new growth, new beginnings, and pastels. For your family gatherings or Easter celebrations, you’ll probably dress up and have a good old time with everyone. If you want to go the extra mile and bring your Easter outfit to the next level, I’ve come up with some pastel pops that will enhance your outfit this Easter. And it should be in a subtle way unless you want to make a bold move, but a pop of pastel is what I’m going for with these looks and pastel pops.

Baby Blue

Bows are very cute and I think Easter is one of those holidays where it is socially acceptable for a grown adult to wear a bow in their hair as a fashion statement. You can definitely rock a bow any time of the year, but if you are like me and sometimes care about what people think of your fashion choices, this is a great excuse to wear one without judgment. I personally love pastel blue and throwing it in my hair as an accessory is the perfect amount of it in my opinion.

You can definitely choose the bow to be in any pastel color, just like with all of these accessories you can choose to get them in any pastel color, but I think pastel blue is a great bow color because it’s a bolder pastel, but since it will be in your hair, isn’t too distracting.

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*Accessorize Your Easter Look With These Pastel Pops

Light Green

I feel like people my age (mid-20s) tend to forget about scarves a lot, and I am very grateful my mom wears scarves a lot which allowed me to see how versatile these accessories are.

A pastel green scarf this Eastern is a great option for your pastel pops because it’s a natural color, just softer than usual, and if you’re not pleased with what it looks like after you go out, you can take it off and put it in your bag and you will be good for the rest of the day. Another thing I love about scarves is that you can tie them up in various different ways, which adds to your look as a whole. You can get very creative with it and do intricate knots and shapes, or just wrap it around your neck a few times for that classic look and call it good to go. 

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Soft Peach

A pastel pink or a soft peach necklace or any other type of jewelry is something you should include in your Easter outfit this year. Everyone knows and has heard of rose gold, well this is basically rose gold too, but softer and more of a statement maker because of the jewels.

This pastel pink also goes with many outfits because it isn’t distracting or busy, and is also close to a skin tone color. If you get a necklace that has large jewels, it is more of a statement piece and more people will notice it. You can go subtle though and still get something in pastel pink and use it for future events or wear it every day. It is up to you to decide what kind of look you want to go for, and luckily with jewelry, there are many options available.

*Accessorize Your Easter Look With These Pastel Pops

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*Accessorize Your Easter Look With These Pastel Pops


A headband this Easter is a cute and easy accessory to include in your outfit this year. It is cute and you can find so many different styles and shades on Etsy, that you can match the style with your outfit that day, or find one that can be worn with multiple future outfits. A lilac or lavender headband is just the perfect amount of pastel pops you need to include in your outfit this Easter. People will notice it fairly quickly, and you will make a statement, but it does not overtake or throw off your entire outfit. Headbands are also cute and chic and Easter is a great holiday to incorporate one into your outfit.

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*Accessorize Your Easter Look With These Pastel Pops

Soft Yellow

A bag this Easter is something you can get in any pastel color, but I think a pastel yellow bag is something you need to do this Easter. Pastel yellow is soft and subtle, and the color is so cute. It goes with many colors and I feel like it is just the right amount of pastel pops to enhance your outfit, but does not steal attention away from your outfit. You also do not need it to complete your outfit, because it is complete without the bag, but the pastel yellow bag will definitely enhance your Easter outfit this year.

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*Accessorize Your Easter Look With These Pastel Pops

Orange Cream

This soft and easy on the eyes pastel orange jacket is one of my favorite pastel pops on this list because I love the color orange. I do not see pastel orange utilized as much, which I understand because it is hard to match it with any outfit and most people do not look that great in orange, but I am a big fan. If your outfit is white (or mostly white) this jacket will enhance your look and keep you warm if it is chilly where you are this Easter. It is cute and chic and if your outfit is white, you’ll subtly look like a creamsicle and if that’s not what you want, avoid it, but I think it’d be cute. Layering this over a dress or a suit this Easter would make your outfit classy and cute.

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*Accessorize Your Easter Look With These Pastel Pops

Pastel pops are something you should incorporate into your outfit this Easter and I hope this list inspired you. Like I said earlier, you can mix and match the colors and accessories to whichever you prefer. Have fun with the colors you choose and which accessories you decide to wear this holiday. Let us know in the comments below if you tried any of the pastel pops or if you have any pastel pops to add to an outfit that wasn’t suggested!

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