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5 Accessories To Spice Up A Plain Outfit

5 Accessories To Spice Up A Plain Outfit

5 Accessories To Spice Up A Plain Outfit

Sometimes a somewhat boring outfit can’t be helped. Your work or school may require you to adhere to certain attire. I know my middle school had a strict dress code featuring solid colored shirts with khakis or a skirt. In order to maintain some of my own originality, I would always accessorize.  

Would I wear all of what I wore back then? Definitely not! But here are some of my current favorite accessory trends that have evolved over time to keep you looking fab, not drab!

1. Pattern shoe

Shoes with a funky floral, checkered or striped pattern can be fun to piece together an outfit around. For instance the more colorful shoe, the more fun you can have layering to try and match each shade, getting the most out of the outfit. Therefore you end up doing the reversal of what most of us do when picking out a shoe, which is usually in colors like black, tan, white and navy as they go with mostly everything. I feel the only time I can wear a pattern shoe is what a plain base in terms of a dress or top/bottom.

5 Accessories To Spice Up A Plain Outfit

2. Jean Jacket

Denim denim denim! Don’t let anyone tell you that denim on denim is not fashionable. It’s not only an ode to 90s nostalgia, but it also can be quite chic if done properly. Usually, I say wear the opposite shade or whatever jean you have on in order to not look too washed out. For instance, my go-to faded jean jacket I always wear with a dark blue jean. You will always cool in you have a jean jacket on and that’s no lie. I recommend a size large than what you typically wear in case the material shrinks and so it fits as comfortably as possible.

5 Accessories To Spice Up A Plain Outfit

3. Colored Belt

A brightly colored belt is a way to make your outfit really pop. In my middle school days, I could be seen rocking a red belt with my tan khakis quite often, as a sort of protest to my strict school dress code. However, as I have gotten older I’ve found that a colored belt can make a simple outfit of a plain tee and baggy jeans. My only advice with this look is trying to avoid belts with skinny jeans. Not only is it uncomfortable, but really it just defeats the actual purpose of a belt.

5 Accessories To Spice Up A Plain Outfit

4. Tassel Earrings

I only started to see this trend when I entered college, but so far I am loving it! Totally simplistic t-shirts of grey, black, and white suddenly became the backdrop for these flashy pieces. Not only are they totally fun and summery, but they also are fairly weightless on the earlobe, which is a big consideration when I am purchasing earrings. My favorite colors I have seen in these earrings that work really well are pink, blue, and red, but really as long as it’s not the same shade as your top, you should be fine with any tone. I would not recommend doing the earrings in the same color as your top in order to avoid looking too drowned out by the same hue.

5 Accessories To Spice Up A Plain Outfit

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5. Choker

Again…I love the 90s! And besides denim one of the most infamous staples of the decade were chokers. A choker can add a little edge and mystery to an otherwise plain-jane look. And you can pair it with earrings, and do more dramatic makeup, as more of the focus will be around your face, not much below the neckline. Like the tassel earrings, your outfit acts more of the backdrop rather than the centerpiece of your look. Whether it is thick and felt or thin and metal, a choker with give that added flair to any look. 

5 Accessories To Spice Up A Plain Outfit

When faced with dull shades in your choice of wardrobe, do not fret! Instead, let your feet or fingers lead you to a piece that makes your outfit truly pop. The list does not stop here, but these are just some of the items that are fairly convenient and highly fashionable!

A lot of these items can be found at your favorite stores too. For instance, a lot of these items I have seen at my go-to stores like J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, Francesca’s, Gap, American Eagle, and Hollister. So next time you want to avoid just looking like another face in the crowd, start accessorizing immediately!

Have a favorite accessory? Share your thoughts in our comments section!

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