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10 Accessories That Will Give Your Wardrobe A Facelift

10 Accessories That Will Give Your Wardrobe A Facelift

10 Accessories That Will Give Your Wardrobe A Facelift

You only have to walk down a busy street to figure out what the latest and most popular accessories are, that everybody is adding to their look. The best thing about following an accessory trend is how much heavy lifting this can do for your wardrobe. And there are plenty of accessories to choose from! Whether your a hat person, bag gal or a hair fanatic, adding  just one or two things to your wardrobe will instantly re-fresh your look. You’ll leave the house looking 10/10 after adding as little as a swish pair of earrings. Here are 10 of the best accessories that will give your wardrobe a face lift!

1. Head Bands

Do not cringe. Thought that you’d left headband in primary school? No no. Whether or not Blaire Waldorf had anything to do with it, head bands are back and I highly recommend. You can look fabulous in a head band no matter what hair cut you currently have. There are so many to choose from. In particular the soft velvet headbands with a knot in the middle. You can find headbands in any fashion store. You can pick according to your outfit, hair shade or. complexion. Up to you, but trust me, you’ll rock it.

2. Sunnies

Not sunny? Where sunnies anyway. Hungover? Yep, chuck on some sunnies? Night time? Sure why not. Sunnies have never and will never go out of style. However, the current trend are the matrix glasses. Don’t let the name frighten you. I’m sure by now you’ve seen the fashion pioneers wearing a pair. So it’s time to grab yourself a pair. These glasses scream confidence (because nobody can see your scared little eyes.) No, kidding. These glasses look very good. And they will definitely boost your outfit up one more grade.

3. Short cross body bags

One of the many bag trends that are in right now. Short cross body bags are both stylish and practical. They come in so many forms, so they’ll suit anyone. Any colour or material, you’ll definitely find the cross body bag for you. Sporty, pretty, chic, vintage or whatever comes between. No feeling your outfit? Sling one of these guys across your shoulders and you’re entire look is transformed! Major face lift for such little effort!

4. Hand held bags

Moving on to our second bag. The adorable bags with tiny handles that you can hold down to your waist. More specifically, these gorgeous bags have the straw, wooden or wicker aesthetic. Using this bag is a commitment but they’re gorgeous. They’re a simple, cute and thoughtful addition to your wardrobe.

*10 Accessories That Will Give Your Wardrobe A Facelift

Get the look: *10 Accessories That Will Give Your Wardrobe A Facelift

5. Belt Bag

And the final bag from the greatest accessories that’ll give your wardrobe a facelift, the belt bag. Not to be mistaken as a fanny pack. This bag is practical. Yes, it’s a place to keep your bits and bots handy AND hold your jeans up. But it’s so much more than that. Since belt bags have become one of the most popular accessories to own, companies have produced so many to choose from. Similar to the cross body bag, there’s a style for everyone AND for those wardrobes that need something new for a bit of excitement.

6. Scrunchie

Once shunned, now it’s everywhere you look. Such a small thing is so noticeable. Scrunchies are awesome. They do so many heavy lifting. Whether or not you’re having a bad hair day and just want to put your hair up, use a scrunch and suddenly you’re up-do looks lovely and stylish! It’s a shame scrunchies had such a bad rep, they’re one of these things to come back and they’ll certainly give your wardrobe a facelift.

*10 Accessories That Will Give Your Wardrobe A Facelift

Get the look:

*10 Accessories That Will Give Your Wardrobe A Facelift

7. Cute Socks

Not to be mistaken as boring. Socks are everything. A wardrobe necessity yes, a warble staple though, also yes. Socks are the best! I’m sorry for the people who weren’t given enough credit for their sock style. Well done you. Now the fashion world has caught up. Socks are so accessible and it doesn’t matter what design you’re into, just wear them. Socks look great with a cool pair of sneakers, sneaking over the top of boots, loafers or sparkly Dorothy shoes. Don’t let socks be just be practical anymore.

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8. Statement earrings

Statement earrings, or to be more specific, shoulder brushing earrings are the accessory to have if your wardrobe needs a face lift. Big and bright, a pair of statement earrings (or a dozen) are filling your favourite shops. Hint hint, get yourself pair if you already haven’t. This must have accessory may fizzle out eventually, so enjoy it while it lasts! Big earrings that hang down to your shoulders are unmissable. They look fabulous and will turn any dull outfit (or closet) into a fun and exiting look!

*10 Accessories That Will Give Your Wardrobe A Facelift

Get the look: 

*10 Accessories That Will Give Your Wardrobe A Facelift

9. Signature necklace

Everybody should have a necklace that they can wear every single day. Especially a necklace with the first letter of your name. A signature necklace is one of the ways accessories can help you express yourself and own your own style without the effort but with the impact. It’s not a long term commitment. Switch your jewellery up once in a while. If your wardrobe doesn’t quite suit you anymore, seek a necklace you love. You’ll love wearing it everyday and it’ll be the first thing people notice.

10. Lipstick

A punchy lip might just beat all accessories. And don’t tell me that lips do not count as an accessory. Trust me. This accessory will give your wardrobe the biggest facelift. Head to the makeup aisle and pick your favourite colour. Pucker up. Lipstick will give your entire appearance a facelift. Punchy and bright and fun! Lipstick could be your go to accessory for life!

I’m sure your existing wardrobe is fabulous! But these 10 accessories will keep you on trend, looking fresh and will give your wardrobe the facelift it needs every now and then! Comment your favourite accessories below!

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