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5 Accessories That Make Your Fit A Head-Turner

5 Accessories That Make Your Fit A Head-Turner

Everyone everywhere needs a staple accessory item that will have everyone turning their heads, and it only takes one accessory to make any outfit a true fit for the ages. Fashion today has found ways to make wild and chic accessories accessible to the everyday consumer via social media and fast fashion. Thus paving the way for originality and adding a creative touch to what we wear and how we wear it. With the help of DIY looks and manically thrifting for unique pieces, you can find and piece together accessory items that catch everyone’s attention. Here are 5 accessories that will make your fit a head-turner!

1. Silk Scarves

A silk scarf is a timeless accessory worn by many at every age. The material is great against your skin and hair by helping retain the natural oils your body produces, leaving you hydrated. Silk also feels smooth to the touch, so having a silk bonnet, pillowcase, or scrunchie in the middle of the night will do you wonders. A good silk scarf is also a versatile fashion accessory, being able to wear it as a scarf on your head, around your neck, as a belt, and even as a cute top. Its silk texture, unique design, and style will have everyone gasping at you in amazement!

You can find silk scarves virtually anywhere, from your local thrift shop to online stores. There are also so many video guides and articles on the many ways to accessorize a good silk scarf. If you’re looking for alternatives to this accessory, try satin scarves. They can be less expensive than silk scarves and feel and look incredible. Either way, this accessory is a must!

5 Accessories That Make Your Fit A Head-Turner

2. Tiny Purses

The tiny purse trend has literally taken the internet by storm, with artist Lizzo’s mini bag putting the rest to shame. This micro purse is an accessory that fashion designers everywhere are experimenting with on the runway. While this fad has been seized by many celebrities, it has also made its way on Instagram and TikTok, making it a sought after look amongst everyone and their mothers on social media apps. While you can’t fit much in the bag itself, it is a statement piece that can be worn with a classy outfit or an everyday T-shirt and jeans. It’s also super cute, making the owner of this accessory feel trendy and adorable too. At the end of the day, people will ask you where or how you got the purse before the next time you wear it.

While celebrities such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashian have sported these tiny purses, anyone can cop a good tiny purse through DIY and going to a good thrift store for this great find. This Instagrammable accessory will be yours soon enough!

5 Accessories That Make Your Fit A Head-Turner

3. Gold Anklets

If the “20-Year Rule” in fashion still holds, anklets should be worn a lot more in the 2020s. This late ’90s  and early 2000s accessory has been a neglected accessory piece for far too long. Anklets are one of the only foot accessories we have and have been worn by women throughout the ages. They have also been linked to social status in addition to style. Gold anklets definitely have a level of sophistication and bring class to your outfit, having people wondering where you got this rare accessory from.

You can wear your gold anklet on either foot, or both feet, and wear it with any elegant shoe you’d like. They come in the form of thread, metal, leather, and even plastic. Just know that it will have people turning their heads!

5 Accessories That Make Your Fit A Head-Turner

4. Dad Sneakers

Dad sneakers are the latest trends that people either want to end today or want a pair themselves right now. These shoes are reminiscent of the footwear of the 80s shoe worn by fathers everywhere during the nostalgic period. These sneakers hit a little different than your usual pair as they are super comfortable and, if worn right, super trendy. Not to mention this look is bold enough to have everyone looking and wanting a pair too!

The best steal when looking at the most comfortable and the best-priced dad sneakers tend to be the Fila and New Balance brands, so definitely start there! You can color-coordinate these shoes to match your wardrobe perfectly by wearing it with a pair of your favorite jeans on a day out with friends or sporting it with an elegant dress to an event. There are so many outfits that work with this shoe style that it truly is a phenomenon! They add uniqueness to your style and something to look out for the next time someone sees you.

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5 Accessories That Make Your Fit A Head-Turner

5. Clear Lip Gloss

There is absolutely no question that clear lip gloss IS a fashion accessory. You can be dripped in silk, armed with a tiny purse, and rocking an anklet with your dad sneakers, but you would still need a little oomph to your face before you leave the door. Clear lip gloss is the perfect accessory to making your lips and fit shine for all to see. This is a simple lip gloss that will help make your lipstick or natural lip color pop by making your face dewy and hydrated. It allows the rest of your makeup to stand out and have people mesmerized every time you speak.

Clear lip gloss can retail really high for some reason, but it is an easy find at your local drug or beauty supply store at under $5. If you aren’t feeling the gloss like I am, you can always opt for a little Vaseline lip balm or Aquaphor lip repair that helps with cracked lips while also giving your lips shine. This is another accessory sensation that changes the whole game for so little money and with so much simplicity. Don’t sleep on this quick and easy must have!

5 Accessories That Make Your Fit A Head-Turner

Do you love any of these head-turner accessories as much as we do? Let us know your faves down below!

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