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15 Accessories Every Man Should Keep In His Closet

15 Accessories Every Man Should Keep In His Closet

If you think accessories are strictly for women then you’re truly a madman. A man can look just as good with a little bling on his wrist as a woman can. 

Watches, bracelets, briefcases, the options are limitless and there 15 items that you absolutely must keep tucked away in your closet in case you need it. 

1. A Timeless Watch 

Yes, there is a clock on your phone, but pulling it in and out of your pocket every time you need to check the time can be tiresome. Then there’s the apple watch, which is just your phone on your wrist. 


While smartwatches are technological marvels, they lack the subtly and timelessness of an analog watch. 

Having an analog watch attached to your wrist will give you an excuse to keep your phone in your pocket. Opt for casual or a dress watch, but either way, you should own a set of both.

Watches are like earings for a man. Nice set of bling that’ll make you look sexy. 


*15 Accessories Every Man Should Keep In His Closet

2. Bracelets

I got really into bracelets while I was attending university and they can really make an outfit standout. I like to combine them with floral dress shirts to get a hippie vibe. 

Leather, beaded, or woven bracelets are among my favorite accessories. 


*15 Accessories Every Man Should Keep In His Closet

3. Ties 

Specifically, you should own a black or navy tie. Once you have those two, then you can start to crazy with them. 

I’m not a big fan of the super-wide ties or the ultra-skinny but definitely go with the skinny route. You’re not Leo in the Wolf of Wall Street. 


Navy and black will go with any suit, but when you do decide to get patterns, the bolder the color the better. Pink will pair nicely with navy suits and grey will go well with your black ones. 

As far as the material goes, I’d get wool ties because they look the best. 

*15 Accessories Every Man Should Keep In His Closet


4. Sunglasses

For the love of that there is holy and unholy, do not buy Oakleys. They’re gaudy and ugly pieces of eyewear that only T-Pain can pull off. 

My favorite is a nice pair of ray-bans. Either the aviators or the wayfarer will shield your eyes and make you look dope as hell. 

Sunglasses are a must for any man. You don’t have to spend hundreds on them either, you can cop a cheap pair almost anywhere.


As a matter of fact, I would recommend getting a couple cheap pair so you have some versatility in your eyewear arsenal. They are essential accessories to have in a man’s wardrobe. 

*15 Accessories Every Man Should Keep In His Closet

5. Man-purse/Satchel

As Jerry Seinfeld, and even more recently, ASAP Rocky put it, it’s not a purse, but a satchel. Sure, bookbags are more manly, but you’re a big boy now. 


It’s time to ditch the bookbag for something that’s more streamlined and sexier. You should own one if you’re a professional.

Imagine walking through the city in a sharp suit, with a sleek satchel slung over your shoulder. Can any say Clark Kent vibes? You know who he is right? Superman. 

*15 Accessories Every Man Should Keep In His Closet


6. Nice Ass Gloves

A man should always have a pair of utility gloves, but there comes a time when it’s date night and it’s cold outside. That’s when you wear a good pair of gloves. 

Leather is best because of the look it has when paired with a perfectly tailored suit. Gloves are great accessories to have in the winter when you brave the elements on your way to the office. 

If leather isn’t your style, then choose the warmer option in wool. Just make they’re nice as hell and fit your hands snug. 


*15 Accessories Every Man Should Keep In His Closet

7. Black and Brown Belts

These accessories never go unnoticed. The rule for men is that your belt should always, and I mean always match your dress shoes. 

Brown shoes, mean brown belt. The same goes for black as well. Always go with leather too. You’re a grown man and your belt should be streamlined. 

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*15 Accessories Every Man Should Keep In His Closet

8. A Good Wallet

While most people hardly use credit cards anymore, you still need a place to keep them. A wallet seems more like a necessity than an accessory, but that is simply not the case. 


You don’t want to get a thick wallet so try and get one that’s bifold. Black leather or brown will do nicely and compliment your other accessories. 

9. Tie-Clips

Tie clips can be great accessories to show that you mean business.  The only functionality a tie clip has is keeping the back tongue of your from peeking out and keeping it pinned to your shirt.

Wearing a wool tie with a tie clip wouldn’t be ideal considering the thickness of it. I would only wear one with a thin, slim tie when you’re going to an important meeting or interview. 


10. Necklaces

I’m not saying you need to wear a 24K gold Cuban link chain, but you should wear something very subtle. 

I like to flaunt mine when I wear a turtleneck because it makes the outfit look that much better. During hot days, you let the gold peak out when wearing a button-up. 

Not only that, but these accessories will most likely hold a sentimental value which is essential to your own personal style.  


11. Hats or Earmuffs

If you don’t have a great head of hair, then hats are the ideal accessories for you. If you’re like me and have great hair, but can’t wear hats because of what happens when you take it off, then you should own a set of earmuffs. 

12. Scarves

Never underestimate the power of a good scarf. They look great during the winter and can keep your chest mighty warm. 

13. Money Clip

If you want to look like a vintage, old-school man, then you should own a money clip. It also comes in handy if you’re like my cousin and lose your wallet a lot. 


It may seem a little pointless, but these are great accessories. 

14. Cufflinks

If you don’t know what a cufflink is, then allow me to educate you. They are accessories that you place on your dress shirt so it appears that you own the place. 

Simple as that. Use them to add flavor to your dull office attire. 


15. Pocket Square 

A must-have to add more flair to your suit game. Plain white or have it match your tie. 

There you have it, all the accessories you simply must-have in your closet! If you liked this article, be sure to share it on the socials and leave a comment down below!