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The 10 Absolute Best Travel Sites for Summer 2019

Are you looking for somewhere new and fresh to travel to during the heatwave? Worry not! Here’s a list of the 10 absolute best travel sites you need to see this summer!

1. Barcelona

You’ve been working or studying for months, and now it’s time to work on your summer tan! Spain can help you out here, with some of the best beaches to offer. With clean, expansive sands and clear waters, you’ll love everything about Barcelona. Don’t be a stranger to the epic La Sagrada Família or Park Güell Gaudí if you’re keen to see some amazing architecture. Grab some churros and paella, and make your way!

2. Bali

If you didn’t go to Bali for schoolies, you should definitely visit it this summer! Sip on a cocktail with your friends on the beach. Visit the native monkeys and check out the volcanic Mount Agung. If you’re looking for a place to go out and party, Bali is widely known for its active nightlife and is definitely one of the best travel sites for you.

3. Thailand

Thailand offers an abundance of beaches, street food and bars for tourists who crave heat. It’s the perfect place to relax with your friends and is, with its many landmark temples and jungles, an unforgettable site to visit!

4. Mykonos

Well known for its nightlife, amazing crystal-clear waters and celebrity drop-ins, Mykonos is certainly one of the best travel sites for you! Here, you can test your diving abilities in Grecian waters, visit Little Venice for some shopping, or check out a museum to fill yourself in on the island’s ancient history. Mykonos is a place of discovery, so why not find out how long you can stay up at one of its many famous clubs?

5. New Zealand

New Zealand has some of the best landscapes you can find! If you’re an adventurous spirit, you’ll love the hulking mountains and greenery it has to offer. Here, you can breathe in the fresh air while you go canoeing, hike up Mount Cook and even go skydiving. Lord of the Rings fans will enjoy visiting Hobbiton and viewing the impressive mountains this great travel site is home to.

6. Paris

There’s nothing better than falling for the city of love this summer. If you’re looking for a city with neat, flat streets, look no further than Paris. It’s bright green shrubbery and breathtaking landmarks will make your Instagram enviable. A river tour along the Seine will show off all that Paris (one of the world’s best travel sites) has to offer.

7. Pisa

Summer break is the perfect time to eat the best food in the world! This is why Italy is one of the best travel sites for you. Pisa boasts an array of street food and esteemed restaurants, so you won’t be wandering along its busy streets with an empty stomach! Indulge in pizzas and pasta on balmy nights, and admire all that its cities have to offer. Take a pic with the leaning tower of Pisa with a gelato and have the time of your life!

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8. Dubrovnik

If your dream holiday consists of lunching on boats with friends on a hot day, then Croatia is the best city for you! Pristine waters will beckon you to swim after touring the ancient Old Town and befriending the locals. If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, you can actually take part in one of the many walking tours where many scenes were filmed during the seasons!

9. Morocco

Maybe you’re not really into beaches, and want to try something new. If this is the case, Morocco is the best destination for you! Though its coastline boasts amazing waters, many people head off to the Sahara Desert to explore Morocco on the backs of camels. This is a great opportunity to soak up the desert sun while learning about Moroccan life from the locals!

10. Gold Coast

Australia hosts many of the best travel sites for lovers of summer! Renown for its popular golden beaches and waves every surfer dreams of, the Gold Coast is the perfect place for a relaxing getaway. Check out the Aussie wildlife while snorkelling at Surfers Paradise or venturing into the picturesque Hinterlands for a summer holiday you’ll never forget!

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Have you been to any of these best travel sites, or have any other recommendations? Let us know in the comments below!

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